Karting World Champion’s Shop Tour

1978 Karting World Champion Lake Speed beat Ayrton Senna to the 100cc world title at Le Mans. The American also had a storied career across a number of years in NASCAR.

In the video below, Lake and his son Lake Jnr do the shop tour of where the race cars were prepared and where the current karts are prepared, including Speed’s original World Championship winning Birel/Parilla from 1978.

Just a few weeks ago he was racing vintage sprint karts; twin 135cc two-stroke engines running on methanol!


Much of the video is NASCAR based, but there’s lots of karting-related stuff too, mostly later in the vid.

When karts were light and nimble… this thing only ever did one race meeting, but won the World Championship in 1978
Lake Speed and the twin-engined kart he currently races.