Blue Plates In The Northern Territory

Queensland’s Ky Burke was the big winner at the 2022 Northern Territory Kart Championship held across the weekend at the Hidden Valley circuit in Darwin.

Burke took victory in two classes; KA4 Junior and KA3 Junior. Such was his dominance, the Energy Karts driver qualified fastest in both and won every race, except for one heat in KA3 Junior – where he was second to Jack Webster.

Full results of the meeting are on speedhive HERE. The top three in each of the nine classes are below.

Well done to all the winners and placers!

Cadet 9 (12 entries. Fastest qualifier – Jay Kostecki)
1 Jay Kostecki
2 Sebastian Kimani
3 Parker Watkinson

TaG 125 Restricted Medium (12 entries. Fastest qualifier – Joshua Herne)
1 Joshua Herne
2 Lloyd Nicholson
3 Cameron Turnbull

KA4 Junior (10 entries. Fastest qualifier – Ky Burke)
1 Ky Burke
2 Mathew Basso
3 Mitchell Kroonstuiver


Cadet 12 (8 entries. Fastest qualifier – Connor Meyer)
1 Riley Harrison
2 Beau Casagrande
3 Connor Meyer

KA3 Senior (9 entries. Fastest qualifier – Aleeanz Voltz)
1 Aleeanz Voltz
2 Tyson Mattiazzo
3 Kin Lay

TaG 125 Heavy (6 entries. Fastest qualifier – Lloyd Nicholson)
1 Lloyd Nicholson
2 Kyron Hall
3 Glenn McDougall

KA3 Junior (11 entries. Fastest qualifier – Ky Burke)
1 Ky Burke
2 Connor Kroonstuiver
3 William David

TaG 125 Light (10 entries. Fastest qualifier – Christopher Gatt)
1 James Miccucci-Allen
2 Christopher Gatt
3 Tyson Mattiazzo

KZ2 (5 entries. Fastest qualifier – Daniel Currey)
1 Daniel Currey
2 Hayden Patrizzi
3 Chase Webster