The Budget Kart Challenge

Alan Dove of Karting1 fame set himself a ‘budget kart challenge’ some time back. Well, the challenge has now been met!

“It only took two-and-a-half years to get done but we got there” Dove posted on social media.

He posed himself the question “Can you race karts without totally breaking the bank?”. He’s concluded Yes, it can be done, and has the video to prove it (see below).

Dove has made regular commentary against the excessive (and increasing) cost of modern karting. But there’s also the argument that some people are spending way more than what is required, and that perhaps if people changed their expectation, they could still enjoy the sport but for a smaller spend.


The following is lifted from the Karting1 Facebook page (Karting1 is also on YouTube HERE).

“With a £600 kart we got racing at Stretton. Everyone knows I am not at the front of the Rotax MAX fan club queue, but we wanted to prove that you can go ‘modern’ karting and this is how we had to do it.

“It’s certainly not a trivial amount of money (and you still need the odd bit of change to pay for entries etc…), but it’s within reach of a LOT more people than we tend to portray.

“Support your small local clubs whenever you can because for a lot us they helped us just by existing and giving us a place to get started. Some are really struggling and sometimes just throwing an entry in and racing for fun with what you can helps them way more than you may realise.”