MG Replaces Mojo at Rotax Pro Tour

A global supply shortage of Mojo tyres will see several classes in the Rotax Pro Tour switch over to MG rubber for the next round of the series.

Like many other industries, supply issues with raw material, rampant freight and fuel price increases, combined with staffing issues worldwide due to COVID means that Mojo simply cannot supply the current market demand.

With a large number of Rotax MAX Challenge events around the world now at the mercy of tyre supply, Rotax has come to an agreement with MG Tire to supply a large proportion of Southern Hemisphere RMC Championships, including Australia.

MGs will be used in Rotax Light and Junior MAX at the next round.

“We have to thank KNSW for their support to enable a change of tyres so quickly” Pro Tour promoter RaceMax stated.

“Further, DPE as the local supplier of MG has stepped up to supply tyres immediately out of their stockholding so that we can race on unaffected.”


There is sufficient local stock to supply the rest of the series with the usual MOJO Tyres in Micro Max, Mini Max, Rotax Heavy, DD2 & DD2 Masters.

The two largest classes, Rotax Junior and Rotax Light, will switch to the MG SM tyre for the balance of the year, commencing at Geelong for round two on May 12-15. The cheaper retail price of MGs will be passed on to the participants.

Additionally, all classes will now be required to run the CIK/FIA pushback/drop down bumpers for the balance of the series. “The driving standards of two classes in particular has necessitated this step.”