Cable Ties To Be Banned

UPDATE: Happy April Fool’s Day!

In a move designed to push the sport to be more environmentally friendly, single-use plastic cable ties (zip ties, tie-wraps) will soon be banned from the race track.

It is estimated hundreds, or even thousands, of these are used at tracks around the country every weekend, only to be snipped off and discarded, often littering the pit areas.

In a document leaked to KartSportNews, it appears that Karting Australia has proposed the initiative, but – and this is even more startling – KA has consulted with other governing bodies such as AIDKA, Karting NSW, AASA and even the FIA to encourage them to follow KA’s green lead.

Restrictions will be placed on these little things on July 1st followed by a total ban in the New Year

The cable tie ban will be phased in. From July 1st there will be a restriction on how many ties can be used on a kart, with a maximum of six per chassis being the number bandied about, though not yet confirmed.

Unfortunately, this will mean every kart will need to be checked by an official to have a cable tie count done before being allowed onto the track.


From 1 January 2023, single-use cable ties will not be permitted. Competitors will need to find some other method to secure their cables, wires, fuel line etc.

For many years, cable/zip ties have provided a quick, easy and cheap way to secure items to karts. But not anymore.