Superkarts Vs Supercars

from the Queensland Superkart Club

While most people might think a V8 Supercar would annihilate a Superkart, the performance difference is not so clear cut.

While a modern Supercar is loaded with tech and safety features, a Superkart is still a purely raw racing machine. Superkarts don’t have the outright speed, but are over a tonne lighter and can outbreak and corner most other categories.


You will often see drivers from other categories come out to the pit wall to watch the Superkarts race and you’ll hear comments like “those guys are crazy!”

Bang for buck, you will not find better racing, and if lap times are any measure, Superkarts can absolutely hold their own against much more expensive forms of motorsport. And that’s not even taking into account the thrill of racing at those speeds an inch off the road going wheel to wheel.


*In 2010 a feasibility test was carried out. Warren set this time with wets and short gearing – watch it below: