Off-Season Superkart Prep

from Queensland Superkart Club

The last race of the season is run & won. Time to throw the kart in the trailer until next year, right? Not quite yet…

If you want the start to next season to be as trouble free as possible, there’s still some work to be done. Now is the time to go over everything and have it ready for the next race. It might be too late when you get to the track for the next round to find something needs to be replaced.


In short, it’s not a massive job and might just save you a lot of time and drama. Here are some basic steps to prepping your kart before parking it for the off-season.

You can go as far as stripping every nut and bolt, but we will just cover the basics here. Checking everything thoroughly now will ensure you identify any issues and have time to rectify them well be racing starts again.

  • Clean and inspect the kart. Clean all the dirt and grease from the kart. Not only does this make it look good, but you will be better able to see any damage or issues.
  • Inspect the chassis for cracks. Now is the time to identify any cracks so you have time to make repairs.
  • Inspect all nuts and bolts to make sure they are tight/secure
  • Check joints and bearings for wear
  • Clean and inspect chain and sprockets. Adjust chain tension and lubricate
  • Inspect fuel lines and replace if there are any signs of aging/perishing. This may also be a good time to replace the fuel filter
  • Inspect brake system and pad wear
  • Replace gear oil
  • Replace brake fluid and flush lines
  • Inspect throttle cable and return springs
  • Clean the air filter
  • Disconnect battery and put on trickle charge
  • Drain all fuel. Empty the tank and run the engine to clear lines and carby of fuel. Some people opt to add fuel stabiliser to the tank and run the engine to draw stabilised fuel through to the engine instead
  • Drain radiator and replace with fresh coolant
  • Remove power valve, clean, lubricate and replace. Remove spring and tie to valve
  • Check and adjust wheel alignment
  • Remove wheels and tyres, wrap and store inside. Sit kart on stand or an old set of wheels and tyres
  • Give bare metal surface a light spray of WD40 to protect from corrosion.

Having done all this, come time to roll out for next season, it should be just a case of adding fuel, connecting the battery and a quick once over and you will be good to go knowing that your kart has been properly checked and prepared.