Hotmix Goes Down in Cairns

Fresh hotmix has gone down at Cairns Kart Racing Club.

After experiencing some “track surface difficulties” at a previous race meeting, the club decided to fix the problem and take advantage of the works to re-configure a part of the circuit to open up overtaking opportunities.

Edmonton Raceway is a bi-directional kart track housed on the infield of Cairns International Speedway.

“In short there were two resurfacing techniques used, one with bitumen and stone that did not hold up to karts running on it and then the center part of the track was done with hotmix” the club explained on Facebook.

“The hotmix held up well and is going to remain as it is. The rest of the track will be resurfaced in the same hotmix so we will have one surface for the whole track.”

In addition to new surface, the club decided to tighten up a corner in the hope of improving the potential to pass in both directions (see in red, above).


“Unfortunately the new surface will need to sit for six weeks to cure properly so we do not damage it” the club continued. This means no more kart racing at the venue until 2022.

“We encourage all members to travel to Townsville Kart Club, Towers Kart Racing Club, Whitsunday Moto Sports Club – Karting and support their remaining race meetings.”

While new kerbing was installed prior to the hotmix arriving, working bees will start soon to backfill, paint lines and kerbing and eventually give members the chance to practice on the new surface with the new KA control tyres.

pics – CKRC/FB