Ipswich Intentions at QLD State Championship

by Russell Innes, Ipswich Kart Club

Ipswich Kart Club members will be out in force at the upcoming Qld State Championships this weekend in Emerald. Out of the 304 entries received for the State Championships, a huge 125 are Ipswich members and many will figure prominently in the battle for the 12 class championships on offer.

In Cadet 9, as they have earlier in the year at AKC Rounds, IKC members Sebastian Eskandari-Mirandi, Alester Flack and Zack Hilder will be the likely pacesetters, but they will also have multiple challenges from other IKC members like Gabriel Elkayam, Cooper Folley and Roman Krutil. Hunter Fischle, Michael Quintiliani and Hayden McGill will also be looking for good results.

Cadet 12 also has a large IKC contingent, led by the likes of Jenson Burns, Jaxson Burns and Basilo Micale. Sebastian Bennett, Baxter Jarrett, Brock Helm, Lana Flack, Tyson McGill, Tommy Titman and Jaxson Fischle will also be striving for great results.

A strong KA4 Junior Light contingent will be led by Ryan Macmillan, Luke Trost, Alex Gardner, Isaac McNeill, and Lachlan Platten, with Henry Titman, Lachlan Costa, Matthew Scholten, Brodie Norris and Jordi Slater all striving for a top result.

Platten will double up as the only IKC member in KA4 Junior Heavy and should figure prominently.

KA3 Junior is shaping up as possibly one of the most exciting classes to watch this weekend and IKC members, Max Walton, Sebastian Tupackovski, Mika LeMasurier, Elliot Cleary and Jack Wells will be at the front fighting for the podium, with Slade Orsmond, Bryce Lane, Lilly Stevens, Ryan Silcock, Brodie Norris, Isaac McNeill, Dean Silcock, Henry Titman, Armand Hamilton and Jordan Ensbey all aiming to finish well in the huge 34 kart field.

Brent Reading, Brendan Nelson and Justin McCartney will represent IKC in KA3 Senior Medium, whilst in KA3 Senior Light a very strong group of Kurtis Tennant, Jai Brown, Jace Matthews, Fraser Keegan, Declan Matthews, Lachlan Cowie, Ryan Uhlmann, Joshua Miller, Lachlan Nichols, Will Marshall and Eryn Osborne will represent IKC.


Reading will double up in TAG Restricted Light and will go in as a strong favourite for the title. Fellow IKC members, Cameron Hargrave, Melanya Rudd, Jacinta Hoey, Joshua Herne, and Keegan Fraser will try to keep him honest. Justin McCartney, Angus Gardener, Reece Forester, Riley VanDenBroek, Lachlan Costa, Andrew Torti, Noel Smyth, Cameron Hargrave and Lochlan Spencer make up the rest of the IKC challenge.

TAG Restricted Medium has some strong chances for success amongst the IKC members entered. Jamie Page, Joshua Herne, Rudy Farkas, Nick Newman and Michael McLean will be likely front runners. Reece Forester and Noel Smyth will be amongst those doubling up and running two classes, whilst other IKC members Frederck Shephard, Bradley Cox, John Heath and Gary Auhl will be looking for a solid result.

TAG Light will be another fantastic class to watch this weekend and again IKC members will be prominent at the front, led by Ryan Laycock, Hamish Fitzsimmons, Harrison Hoey, Dylan Rudd, Marc Tulloch, Ryan Hadden, Jace Matthews, Alexander Hadden, Tom McLennan, Cameron McLeod, Bailey Sagaidak, Ashleigh Stewart and Kurtis Tennant.

TAG Heavy looks likely to be another class with a likely IKC member winning. Brendan Nelson, Finlay Derry, Christopher Williams, Scott Gray, Brett Wells, Luke Thomas, Wagner Cardoso and Jared Neinert all in with a shot at the podium.

A strong 14 kart lineup of DD2’s will put on a great show, with IKC members Scott Howard, Troy Bretherton and Marcello Surace the likely top 3, but fellow IKC members Scott Cleveland, Tristian Ellery, Angus Mathers, Dalton Ellery, Tony Grant, Travis Carruthers and Steve Ellery will all figure prominently.

The KZ2 class will also be on the programme at Emerald but will not be running for a State Championship, but IKC members will again feature amongst the front runners. Lachlan Cowie, Bailey Sagaidak, Taylah Agius, Coby Govoni, Ryan Suhle, Lachlan Hughes, Ryan Uhlmann, Tristian Griffin, Stephanie Duffy, Jac Preston, Dan Hutchinson and Madeline Stewart making up the strong representation from IKC.

Many IKC members will front up again the weekend after the State Championships for the rerun of the IKC TAG Restricted Titles on October 9th. This event was originally held back on July 31st but was abandoned on the day when the Queensland government called a snap lockdown, so Ipswich Kart Club will have a 2nd go at hosting this event on October 9th.