South Australian Karting Closes

In line with Government requirements, Karting Australia has shut down all KA karting activity in South Australia. KA’s statement to SA clubs is below:


20 July 2021

Good Morning,

Following the yesterday’s announcement by the South Australian Premier that Level 4 Restrictions were to be imposed across the whole State, we have been endeavouring to gain an understanding of what this means for the sport of karting.

There were a significant number of mixed messages circulated by the media yesterday. As we always do, we look for the actual Directions that are issued by the Government rather than relying on media releases and statements which often prove to be inaccurate.

The Emergency Management (Activities—General) (COVID-19) Direction 2021 – 19 July 2021 was published late last night.

It defines Sport as follows:


“sport includes any form of sport or racing (including motor sports and any form of horse or greyhound racing)”

It states:

Part 9—Sports, entertainment and activities restrictions and closures
“27—No team, club or competitive sport
A person must not organise or participate in any form of team, club or competitive sport or training (whether indoors or outdoors).
For the avoidance of doubt, sport as part of the school curriculum is permitted provided it does not involve interschool activity.”

You may try to argue that an Organised Social Karting Activity is not competitive, however, by definition it would be classed as competitive training by the Government – which is currently prohibited under the current Direction. As a result, these restrictions take motor sport, horse racing and greyhound racing back beyond the restrictions that existed throughout 2020.

Based on the above information, all activities at Karting Australia venues are required to cease until the Level 4 restrictions are revoked by the South Australian Government.

General advice on the Public Activity restrictions in South Australia can be found on the COVID-19 SA Government web site:

We hope that you and your family stay safe during these challenging times.

Should you have any questions Lee Hanatschek on 07 5655 4341 (email

Best Regards and Stay Safe
Kelvin O’Reilly
Chief Executive Officer