Corberi Loses Appeal

Luca Corberi, the driver who received a 15 year ban for his actions at last year’s KZ World Championship, has lost his appeal.

The FIA distributed the International Court of Appeal’s decision to reject Corberi’s appeal and uphold the original 15 year ban. Corberi was also ordered by the court to pay the appeal costs.

After an on-track incident, Corberi removed the front fairing from his kart and threw it at a passing competitor (see pic from the live steam, below). He then, along with his father, physically attacked the other driver in parc ferme.

In the days following, Corberi announced his retirement from the sport and remorse for his actions.


In his appeal, Corberi did not dispute the allegations. His argument included a claim of “ne bis in idem” (a legal doctrine that legal action cannot be instituted twice for the same offence) due to action taken by the Italian National Authority. However the FIA ruled its action and that of the ASN are distinct.

It also declared no settlement was agreed following claims by the company that runs the circuit (owned by the Corberi family) of a payment of 50,000 Euros and offer of free use of the facility for two days to run safety courses for young people.

The full FIA International Court of Appeal document is on the FIA website HERE.