Gippsland’s June Race Day

Race karts returned to the track in Morwell last weekend with the Gippsland Go Kart Cub’s June race day.

Having missed running an event in May due to Victorian Covid restrictions, there was an encouraging influx of competitors. Of the 30-plus strong entry, 10 were p-platers.

Cadets form up, most of whom are p-plate drivers (pic – Steve Dansie)

Nowhere was this more noticeable than the Cadet classes, a couple of newcomers bringing the tally of p-platers to six of the eight youngsters across the two age divisions. In fact, all four of the Cadet 9s were p-platers, Jordan Bantick taking the win over Jett O’Leary, while the more experienced Aston Hill beat Cody Boys in Cadet 12.

TaG 125 Light winner Zane Bright leads Troy Alger and Jamie Rowe (pic – Steve Dansie)

At the other end of the spectrum, experienced racers won all the senior categories. Robbie Reid was undefeated all day in KA3 Senior Light, seasoned veteran Mark Wicks won KA3 Senior Heavy, while Zane Bright and Geoff Wyhoon took honours in their respective divisions of TaG 125 Light and Heavy.

Ryan Wyhoon makes a splash while battling Isabel Rowe for the lead in KA4 Junior Light (pic – Steve Dansie)

The next race meeting at the Tramway Park circuit in Morwell is the July club day on Sunday, July 11. From August, regular club race dates will return to the last Sunday of each month.

KA4 Junior Light
1 Isabel Rowe
2 Ryan Wyhoon
3 Levi Fisher

Isabel Rowe (50) won KA4 Junior Light, here leading sister Ieasha. (pic – Steve Dansie)

KA4 Junior Heavy
1 Cameron Anderson
2 Harley Bright


Ieasha Rowe leads KA4 Junior Heavy winner Cameron Anderson (pic – Steve Dansie)

Cadet 9
1 Jordan Bantick
2 Jett O’Leary
3 Cooper Ashton

Jordan Bantick, 1st Cadet 9(pic – Steve Dansie)

Cadet 12
1 Aston Hill
2 Cody Boys
3 Benjamin Interlandi

Cadet 12 winner Aston Hill (pic – Steve Dansie)

KA3 Senior Light
1 Robert Reid
2 Nick Popple
3 Shannon Fisher

Robbie Reid makes weight after winning KA3 Senior Light (pic – Steve Dansie)

KA3 Senior Medium
1 Mark Wicks
2 Grant Wicks
3 Brian Milkins

Wicks brother one-two in KA3 Senior Medium (pic – Steve Dansie)

TaG 125 Heavy
1 Geoff Wyhoon
2 David Bishoff

TaG 125 Light
1 Zane Bright
2 Jamie Rowe
3 Troy Alger

  • full results on speedhive HERE
Cody Boys and crew (pic – Steve Dansie)
Juniors form up (pic – Steve Dansie)
First race meeting for Shannon Fisher, here ahead of Andy Wynn (pic – Steve Dansie)
Nick Popple placed 2nd in KA3 Senior Light (pic – Steve Dansie)
KA3 Senior Light take a start (pic – Steve Dansie)
Andrew Wynn (88) pressures Jack Filliponi, KA3 Senior Light (pic – Steve Dansie)
KA3 Senior Medium form up (pic – Steve Dansie)
Mud on the track catches out Liam Kaldvee (3) and Harley Bright (pic – Steve Dansie)
…and Levi Fisher (pic – Steve Dansie)
Scott Lowater catches a slide, KA3 Senior Medium (pic – Steve Dansie)
Robbie Reid (pic – Steve Dansie)

More pics on the club’s Facebook HERE.