Top Trio Claim Goldstar Triple Crown

You could call it the annual Manawatu & TRC Toyota WPKA Goldstar kart racing series’ ‘triple crown’, and  despite being incredibly hard to achieve, at the final ‘Championship’ round of the 2020/21 series at Palmerston North last Sunday three drivers – Riley Jack, Jay Urwin and Jackson Culver – had done enough to claim one each.

To do so you not only had to win your class AS WELL AS your standalone class Grand Prix race at the final ‘Championship’ round at the KartSport Manawatu club’s Manuwatu Toyota Raceway at Palmerston North on Sunday, you also had to be in the running to win your class over the series as a whole.

Riley Jack, winner Open (pic – Fast Company/Vicky Jack)

That, obviously, narrowed the number of ‘possibles’ down heading into the meeting, but at the end three names stood out.

One was that of season-long Open class stand-out Riley Jack who – if anything – proved even more dominant at his home track, again winning every race he started as well as the Senior Grand Prix by a margin of over 15-and-a-half seconds.

Meawhile three heat race wins to runner up Daniel McMillan and third place-getter Jacob Bellamy’s one-apiece was enough to give Jay Urwin both the round and series victory in the new Vortex ROK DVS Junior class. What really stood out on the day, however, was the Matamata youngster’s emphatic win the Junior Grand Prix, a race the Vortex ROK DVS Junior category pace-setter won by just over 4 seconds over Tom Bewley in the first of the 125cc Rotax Max Junior karts in second place and Daniel McMillan in his Vortex ROK DVS Junior powered kart third.

Jay Urwin, 1st Vortex ROK DVS Jnr (pic – Fast Company/Vicky Jack)

Which just leaves the other member of this season’s WPKA Goldstar series ‘triple crown’ club, Jackson Culver from Christchurch. What started out as a chance for the young Cantabrian to learn from his fellow Cadet ROK class racers quickly morphed into the diminutive Culver handing out the lessons.

No more so than at the final ‘Championship’ round at Palmerston North on Sunday, were he claimed both the round and 2020/21 series’ titles in the Cadet ROK class, winning 4 of his 5 heat races as well as the Cadet ROK Grand Prix; edging ahead to cross the finish line close to 10 seconds (9.896 secs was the official margin) ahead of Seth Comer from Auckland with local ace Aston Walker third.

Vortex ROK DVS Snr was won by chris Cox (pic – Fast Company/Vicky Jack)

The full list of class winners at the meeting was;

  • Open – Riley Jack (Palmerson North)
  • Vortex ROK DVS Snr – Chris Cox (Rangiora)
  • 125cc Rotax Max Light – Jacob Cranston (Palmerston North
  • 125cc Rotax Max Heavy – Darren Walker (Tauranga)
  • Briggs LO206 ClubSport – Ian Smith (Wellington)
  • ClubSport 120 – Scott Dalley (Palmerston North)
  • Vortex ROK DVS Jnr – Jay Urwin (Matamata)
  • 125cc Rotax Max Junior  – Sebastian Manson (Auckland)
  • Vortex Mini ROK – Marco Manson (Auckland)
  • Cadet ROK – Jackson Culver (Christchurch).

The stand-alone class Grand Prix races, meanwhile, were won by;

  • Senior GP – Riley Jack (Palmerston North)
  • ClubSport GP – Nathan Bengston (Palmerston North)
  • Junior GP – Jay Urwin (Matamata)
  • Vortex Mini ROK GP – Marco Manson (Auckland)
  • Cadet ROK GP –  Jackson Culver (Christchurch)
Marco Manson won Vortex Mini ROK (pic – Fast Company/Vicky Jack)

There were also several class winners within the Senior GP, as well as two different class winners recognised in both the Junior GP and ClubSport GP.

These were;

  • 125cc Rotax Max Light (4th O/A)– Jackson Rooney (Palmerston North)
  • 125cc Rotax Max Heavy (10th O/A) – Darren Walker (Tauranga)
  • Vortex ROK DVS Senior (9th O/A) – Jamie Van den Berk (Hastings)

Junior GP

125cc Rotax Max Junior (2nd O/A) – Tom Bewley (Havelock North)

LO206 ClubSport GP

Briggs LO206 ClubSport  (7th O/A) – Brent Melhop  (Wellington).  

Jackson Culver won Cadet ROK (pic – Fast Company/Vicky Jack)

The full list of 2020/21 Manawatu & TRC Toyota-backed WPKA Goldstar Series class winners is;

  • Open – Riley Jack (Palmerston North)
  • Vortex ROK DVS Snr – Chris Cox (Rangiora)
  • 125cc Rotax Max Light – Zac Stichbury (Havelock North
  • 125cc Rotax Max Heavy – Ashley Higgins (Palmerston North)
  • Briggs LO206 ClubSport – Ian Smith (Wellington)
  • ClubSport 120 – Scott Dalley (Palmerston North)
  • Vortex ROK DVS Jnr – Jay Urwin (Matamata)
  • 125cc Rotax Max Junior  – Ryan Hancock (Cambridge)
  • Vortex Mini ROK – Judd Christiansen (Palmerston North)
  • Cadet ROK – Jackson Culver (Christchurch).

The list of Series GP winners also includes some by now familiar names.

Senior GP – Riley Jack

ClubSport 120 GP – Steven Muggeridge

Junior GP – Jay Urwin

Vortex Mini ROK GP  – Judd Christiansen

Cadet ROK GP – Jackson Culver


Rnd 4 2020/21 Manawatu & TRC Toyota-backed WPKA Championships & Goldstar Series round 4, KartSport Manawatu club’s Manawatu Toyota Raceway Sunday June 06


  1. Riley Jack; 2. Daniel Hall; 3.  Clint Beaumont.

Vortex ROK DVS Senior

  1. Chris Cox; 2. Michael McCulloch; 3. Jamie Van den Berk; 4. Tyler Edney; 5. Darren Walker; 6. Harry Townshend.

125cc Rotax Max Light

  1. Jacob Cranston; 2. Michael McCulloch; 3. Zac Stichbury; 4. Logan Manson; 5. Jackson Rooney, 6. Clay Osborne.

125cc Rotax Max Heavy

  1. Darren Walker; 2. Ashley Higgins; 3. James Higgins; 4. Brendon Hart; 5. Craig Holmwood; 6. Dominic Williams.

ClubSport 120

     1.Scott Dalley; 2.  Nathan Bengston; 3. Cole Horgan; 4. Stephen Muggeridge; 5. Neil Surtees; 6. Hamish Salisbury.        

ClubSport LO206

  1.   Ian Smith; 2. Sean Lockyear; 3. Regan Scoullar; 4. David Sharp; 5. Thomas Batt; 6. Brent Melhop (M).

125cc Rotax Max Junior                  

    1.Sebastian Manson; 2. Hayden Lines; 3. Ryan Hancock; 4. Tom Bewley; 5. Ethan Sillay; 6. Kiahn Burt.

Vortex ROK DVS Junior

  1. Jay Urwin; 2.  Daniel McMillan; 3. Jacob Bellamy; 4. Charlie Keyworth; 5. James Joyner; 6. Lily-Rose Taylor.

Vortex Mini ROK

    1.Marco Manson; 2. Aryan Lala; 3. Jack Amon; 4. Grayson Stow; 5. Ethan Sayer; 6. Edward Mayer.

Cadet ROK

    1.Jackson Culver; 2. Aston Walker; 3. Luke McMillan; 4. Zack Hemphill; 5. Levi Trotter; 6. Jack Phillips


Senior GP

1.Riley Jack 13;03.410; 2. Daniel Hall +15.86; 3. Clint Beaumont + 16.514; 4. Jackson Rooney +20.510; 5. Zac Stichbury +21.216; 6. Jacob Cranston + 28.549.

ClubSport GP

1.Nathan Bengston 9:28.796; 2. Scott Dalley +0.023; 3. Stephen Muggeridgr +5.642; 4. Cole Horgan +9.179; 5. Brent Robinson (M) +11.408; 6. Neill Surtees +14.298.

ClubSport Briggs LO206 GP

1.Brent Melhop 9:46.667; 2. Ben Hibbs +0.687; 3. Regan Scoullar +1.295; 4. Ian Smith +2.000; 5. Sean Lockyear +5.146; 6. Thomas Batt +6.275.

Junior GP

1.Jay Urwin (Jnr Vortex) 10:29.796; 2, Tom Bewley (Jnr Rot) +4.334; 3. Daniel McMillan (Jnr Vortex) +4.590; 4. Taylor Payne (Jnr Rot) +4.712; 5. Ethan Sillay (Jnr Rot) +5.770; 6. Jacob Bellamy (Jnr Vortex) +8.444

Vortex Mini ROK GP

1.Marco Manson 8:31.203; 2. Grayson Stowe +3.525; 3. Aryan Lala + 3.867; 4. Ethan Sayer +6.90; 5. Max Amon +7.002; 6. Nixon Frost +7.878.

Cadet ROK

1. Jackson Culver  8:43.201; 2. Seth Comer +9.896; 3. Aston Walker + 10.229; 4. Luke McMillan +10.478; 5. Jack Phillips +11.479; 6. Braden Watson +13.462.

2020/21 Manawatu & TRC Toyota WPKA Goldstar Series’



1.Riley Jack (Mwtu); 2. Daniel Hall (Mwtu); 3. James Higgins (Mwtu)

Vortex ROK DVS Senior

1.Chris Cox (Canty); 2. Jamie Van den Berk (HB); 3. Harry Townshend (HB)

125cc Rotax Max Light

1. Zac Stichbury (HB); 2. Jacob Cranston (Mwtu); 3. Logan Manson (Mwtu)

125cc Rotax Max Heavy

1.Ashley Higgins (Mwtu); 2.  Brendon Hart  (Mwtu); 3.  Dominic Williams (BoP)

ClubSport 120

1.Steve Muggeridge (EBoP): 2. Scott Dalley (Mwtu); 3. Cole Horgan (Tar): 1. (Master) Cliff Walsh (EBoP)              

ClubSport Briggs L0206

1.Ian Smith (Wgtn); 2. Sean Lockyear (Wgtn); 3. Regan Scoullar (Wgtn): 1. (Master) Brent Melhop (Wgtn).

Vortex ROK DVS Junior

1. Jay Urwin (Tok); 2. Jacob Bellamy (Tar); 3. Daniel McMillan (HB).

125cc Rotax Max Junior

1 . Ryan Hancock (Ham); 2. Hayden Lines (Tok); 3. Jenson Bate (Mwtu).

Vortex Mini ROK

1. Judd Christensen (Mwtu); 2 . Marco Manson (Mt Wgtn); 3. Zach Tucker (Can).

Cadet ROK

1. Jackson Culver (Can); 2. Luke McMillan (HB); 3. Aston Walker (Mwtu).


Senior Grand Prix

1. Riley Jack; 2. Daniel Hall; 3. Jacob Cranston

ClubSport 120 Grand Prix

1.Steve Muggeridge; 2. Nathan Bengston; 3. Scott Dalley

Junior Grand Prix

1. Jay Urwin; 2. Tom Bewley; 3. Jacob Bellamy

Vortex Mini ROK Grand Prix

1. Judd Christiansen (NI); 2. Zach Tucker (SI); 3. Aryan Lala.

Cadet ROK Grand Prix


1. Jackson Culver (SI); 2. Henry Fisher; 3. Luke McMillan.