Level Times for Electric Kart

Electric karts are turning the same lap times as 125cc TaG karts.

Valters Zviedris celebrated the fastest lap for an electric kart at the Jelgava race track in Latvia recently – 41.44 seconds, the same pace that Rotax Juniors/Seniors are doing and using the same Mojo D5 tyre. Top speed for the 25kW kart was 114kmh.

“BSR 2.0 PRO 25kW electric karts have the same race pace as the fastest single speed petrol karts, Rotax senior or IAME X30” BlueShockRace informed KartSportNews.

“Let’s keep in mind that this is only the second generation of BSR electric karts and they already are at the same pace. The future is closer than you think.”

Onboard footage from the fastest laps is below.