AKRA Round 2 at The ‘Gong

The 550 metre Wollongong Kart Raceway Track at Kembla Grange was full of excitement over the weekend of May 15/16 for the second round of the 2021 AKRA Championships.

The pits started filling up Saturday morning with karters and campers getting the prime real estate. Some karters left time for fine tuning their karts while the campers got in early and some just chilled for most of the day.

Mia Johnson 07 heading the Junior National pack

The night campers were still grinning from the previous night’s festivities come Sunday morning as the pits started overflowing and spilling onto the extra back paddock. Plus, cars full of spectators filled the main straight hill once again.

WKR is getting more and more popular and the team at the track, staff, and volunteers are doing a great job making sure it’s all done right and the track and surroundings are looking great – and the karters are focused on having fun with other karting mates.

There were good size fields with 17 Juniors, 17 Nationals, 23 TaG karts and 15 Clubmans making for a full day.

Josh Craig and William Lucas battle it out in Clubman Heavy

Junior Performance

1 Jacob “first win” Henderson
2 Angus “I’m using Dad’s suit” Mackay
3 William “dad my KA engine bombs” Cosis

Junior National

1 Presley Hovanyecz with a Z
2 Maksim “I’m nearly getting there” Petrovic
3 Ben Malouf
4 Drew “top 5” Robins
5 Jordan Johnson
6 Marcus “missile” George
7 Mia Johnson
8 Ryan “I’m getting a Clubman” Morton
9 Emily Cahill
10 Kristian Rolls

Relaxed Pit action


1 Jack “Lamborghini” Bugatto
2 Mason “hairstyle” Andaur
3 Lawrence “Loo Loo” Rosenberg
4 Dalton “where’s my New Transponder” Haroon


1 “Grand Dad” Michael Russell – Torini
2 Gary Cosis – Yamaha J
3 “Grand Son” Ross Jones – Torini
4 Nathan “come back kid” Moore – Yamaha J
5 Emily “Em’s” Braz – Torini
6 Presley “Nessy” Rosenberg – Yamaha J

Cadets top 3 Jack Bugatto, Mason Andaur, Lawrence Rosenberg



1 Cory “Dad why are you so slow” Barlow – Torini
2 Joshua “yeah my Dad’s slow too” Reynolds – Torini
3 Denis “Old Dad” Smith – Yamaha J
4 Brian “I got a new Kart” Quill – Torini
5 Daniel Zammit – Torini
6 Paul “I let you beat me Son” Reynolds – Torini
7 Brian Liston – Torini
8 Dave Patch – Torini
9 Shane Wood – Yamaha J
10 Rodney Quinton – Yamaha J
11 Mick “Sorry Son” Barlow – Torini

TAG Light

1 Tim “where’s the Green Plate” Hudson
2 Andrew “give me more new tyres” Sibrau
3 Adam “Steady” Sommerville
4 Jake “I need a nickname” Greentree
5 Ben “Intrepid” Kus
6 Scott “Mr 100” Appel
7 Isaac O’Brien
8 Nicolas Bundalo
9 Aaron Metcalfe

TaG field

TAG Heavy

1 Chris Bregonje
2 Jarred “ taking the risk” Harvey
3 Rod “Son, I still have the car keys” Harvey
4 David Chew
5 Cameron Chew
6 Aaron “2 class” Metcalf
7 Nathan Cosentino
8 Luke Blattman
9 Daniel Angrove
10 Michael Reynolds
11 Bruce “living the dream” Scott
12 Christopher Russell
13 Michael Burgess
14 John “having a ball even at the back” Glassington


1 William “Dad buy me a new kart” Lucas
2 Glen “40 Horsepower” Kimpton
3 Matthew Schell
4 Adrian Schellenberg
5 Jake Waters
6 Andrew Drew, Drew Andrew Ihnat

Senior National


1 Ian “Rear Gun” Beeraz
2 Nico “I don;t have to like him” Jamsek
3 Alan “I need a transponder, cause I miss out on the trophy” Price
4 Paul “haha Alan, I got the trophy” McLeace
5 Andrew “Oldman” Morton
6 Jai “I let you beat me Dad” Morton


1 William “I got 2 trophies” Lucas
2 Josh “got smoked” Craig
3 Chris “Great Great Great Grand Pa I’ll never Retire” Green
4 Phil “Light Me Up” Trott
5 Tony “Vonny can i get a cuppa tea pls” Smith
6 Wynter Smith
7 James “Campfire” Miller
8 Joel “Daddy” Rosenberg

Tim Hudson 1st TAG Light


1 Tony “Valentino’s Maltese Cousin” Vella
2 Chris Lawler
3 Robbie Martin
4 Adam Warr
5 Glen Rose

Next meeting, Round 3, is Sunday June 20. Camping Saturday is welcome as usual.