Venue Change for Speedway Titles

The Victorian Speedway Kart Title that was due to be held at Laang Speedway on May 29 will now be held at Avalon Raceway.

“This is not a decision that has not been made lightly and has gone through great discussion and all the right pathways to ensure that this is the best option” The Melbourne speedway Kart Club posted on social media.

“As it has been made well aware that Laang is currently going through a major track resurfacing and things haven’t gone to schedule. Inclement weather and the track surface will simply not be ready in time so the decision was made with the support from the SKAA to move to Avalon Raceway. We thank the Laang Speedway club greatly for attempting to get this event in there, as do we thank Rod, Jeff and the whole Drew team at Avalon Raceway for fitting us in last minute.

“We do totally understand the frustration that will follow with accommodation bookings, fuel, leave from work, and all the things that come with this change of venue, however it is the best decision moving forward that we can come up with to ensure that the Victorian Title does get a run in for the competitors and club that have worked so hard to promote this event twice in a row.


The date has not changed (Saturday May 29), racing will kick off from 1pm and the main events will take place under lights.

“All nominations will stand and go with the change of venue, however if there is any reason why you will not be able to attend now, please let us know and we can go through the pathways of refunding you.”