Driver PR: Ayrton Dalmaso, AKC R3

Fresh off a state championship victory at Karting NSW ACT Titles Ayrton Dalmaso headed across the country to South Australia. Dalmaso was taking place in the third round of the Australian Kart Championship at the Southern Go Kart Club. Under the Alpha Motorsport banner for the round young Ayrton was hoping to have another strong showing.

Dalmaso took place in Friday practice hovering just outside the top fifteen in the early sessions of the day. The Brodburger sponsored entry got as high up as eleventh just outside the top ten, which was promising signs leading into Saturday qualifying. In a hot paced over sized Cadet 12 class young Ayrton had his work cut out for him. In an improved performance in lap time, Dalmaso was able to make his way inside the top fifteen in position fourteen overall. The competitiveness of the field was shown with the Alpha Motorsport backed entry only three tenths of pole position.

Dalmaso was excited for heat one and was looking to get a positive start to the weekend. The Haak Engines powered got a clean get away jumping up inside the top ten in position eight. Young Ayrton battled for position seven and eight throughout the race showing quality speed inside the top ten. Dalmaso finished heat one in position eight and looked to heat two for more strong points.

The Brodburger backed entry got another clean get away and sat in seventh place overall in the early stages. In another great battle for position, Ayrton came home with another position eight grabbing good points and improving the kart set up.

Dalmaso went into heat three and was looking to push up further up the grid. The Alpha Motorsport backed entry jumped straight into the top five of the start looking pacey. With a lap two move Ayrton dropped back to position six right on the back of the top five. The Brodburger backed entry sat right on the lead group coming home in position six, only eight tenths of the race winner.


Dalmaso achieved another fantastic get away in heat four, jumping up to position four at the end of the opening lap. On lap four the Haak Engines powered driver was shuffled back to position six but looked to get his head down and move forward. Young Ayrton made his way back into the top five coming home fifth overall.

(pic – Pace Images)

With progression forward in all heat races Dalmaso was looking forward to a strong final. The Brodburger sponsored entry starting out of position seven lost a few spots of the start. Young Ayrton tried his heart out but due to the kart being over gripped he was a sitting duck for some drivers. The Alpha Motorsport backed entry came home just outside the top ten in position twelve, in what was a disappointing final result for the young driver. The Haak Engines powered driver was only three seconds of the race winner in a close finish.

Ayrton’s mother Christie was again happy with her young sons competitiveness at the highest level. “Really happy with Ayrton’s driving all weekend, this is his first time competing in the AKC and he has again exceeded our expectations”. Ayrton was happy with another fun weekend at the track. “I had a great weekend making new friends and watching some awesome racing”.

Dalmaso is looking forward to continue his great season of racing.