15-Year Ban for Corberi

Luca Corberi, the driver who threw his nose cone at a competitor at last year’s KZ World Championship, has been hit with a 15-year ban from the sport by the FIA.

After an on-track incident, Corberi – the son of the circuit owner – threw his front fairing at his rival, crossed the live circuit multiple times, then launched a physical attack in parc ferme after the race.

The disciplinary procedure is published below. Corberi has seven days to appeal the decision, however he has already publicly apologised for his behaviour and announced his retirement from the sport.

“The aim of this sanction is to clearly show to the Respondent (and the motor sport community in general) that violence is not acceptable and must be severely punished, as well as to deter him, and any other competitors, from engaging in such behaviour in the future” the FIA noted in the tribunal report.

The full 21-page tribunal document can be found HERE.

Case IT-2021-01Disciplinary procedure against Mr Luca Corberi

On 4 October 2020, at the South Garda Karting circuit in Lonato, in the framework of the 2020 FIA KZ Karting World Championship Final, Mr Luca Corberi was involved in the following incidents:

(i)    he threw the front fairing of his kart to the track towards other drivers who were still competing;

(ii)   he crossed the track several times at different spots, in the middle of the race, disobeying the instructions given to him by the officials;

(iii)  he physically attacked another driver in parc fermé.


On 1 February 2021, the President of the FIA decided to submit this case to the International Tribunal pursuant to Article 4(ii) b) of the FIA Judicial and Disciplinary Rules.

Decision of the International Tribunal

The International Tribunal, after having heard the parties and examined their submissions, decided to:

–        Confirm the disqualification of Mr Luca Corberi from the competition of Lonato, Italy (2020 FIA Karting World Championship-KZ);

–        Impose to Mr Luca Corberi a suspension (Article 12.3.1.n of the International Sporting Code[1]) and a ban (Articles 5.2.2.b[2] and 5.2.2.d[3] of the Judicial and Disciplinary Rules) for a period of 15 years starting on the date of coming into force of the decision of the International Tribunal.

The decision of the International Tribunal may be appealed within a 7-day time limit before the FIA International Court of Appeal.

The International Tribunal was presided over by Mr Rui BOTICA SANTOS (Portugal), and included Mr Xavier BONE MATHEU (Spain), Mr Patrick RAEDERSDORF (Switzerland) and Mrs Waltraud WÜNSCH (Germany).

[1] The Suspension deprives, for a specified period of time, the person subject to it of the right to take part, directly or indirectly and in any capacity whatsoever, in (i) any Competition organised or regulated by the FIA or the ASNs (or placed under their authority), and (ii) any preparatory testing and training organised or regulated by the FIA or the ASNs (or placed under their authority) or organised by their members or licence‐holders.

[2] Ban on taking part or exercising a role, directly or indirectly, in competitions, events or championships organised directly or indirectly on behalf of or by the FIA, or subject to the regulations and decisions of the FIA.

[3] Ban on exercising within the FIA any duties whatsoever as an executive officer, a member of a commission, or a president of a commission, or any duties of any nature whatsoever on behalf of the FIA and/or within a body of the FIA