Electric BSR – Looks Like a Normal Kart

From the outside, BSR (Blue Shock Race) electric karts are not very different from the others. 

Electric karting is now more than ever before offering the first step for racers to get in touch with this technology. When you start racing BSR electric karts for the first time, the kart does not look very different because Blue Shock Race uses standard kart chassis. BSR has instant torque, up to 120 km/h top speed, stable and easy in the handling and as light as a standard kart.

As there is no sound, you can focus more on driving and the feeling of the kart, curbs, and tires, which can be useful for young drivers. No motor sound. It’s a thing you’re not familiar with, if you are using a traditional go-kart you don’t hear these things due to the noise.

Here’s what drivers that tested BSR electric karting have to say:

Ellis Spiezia (USA, ERA Formula and karting driver) – “The kart is wild, really fast, super light.”

Andreas Bakkerud (Norway, World RX rallycross driver) – “I have never experienced such fast electric kart.”

Janis Baumanis (Latvia, World RX and Project E driver) – “You just have to try BSR electric karts, believe me, your mind will explode.”


Most likely traditional karts and electric karts both will be racing side by side in the next few years, but potential and long-term tendencies look a lot better for electric.

Let’s see what happens and what can these new karts bring to the sport.