Results: Victorian Kart Championship

Wet weather and squalling wind had a dramatic effect on the final day of the 2021 Victorian Kart Championship at Oakleigh. The Sunday morning fourth heats were cancelled and after a delay all classes went straight into their finals.

Top 3 are below, full results on speedhive HERE.

More to follow…

Emotional win in X30 Light for Tony Kart’s Jack Bell, carrying ‘Racing for Adam’ stickers in tribute to fallen friend Adam Pasek (pic – Pace Images)

Cadet 12
1 Jenson Burns
2 Jaxson Burns
3 Akexander Yoannidis

KA4 Junior Light
1 Toby Dvorak
2 Angus Hall
3 Xavier Avramides

Cadet 9
1 James Flynn
2 Cruz Kelly
3 Sebastian Eskandari-Marandi


KA3 Senior Medium
1 Taine Venables
2 Braden Clark
3 Benjamin Mouritz

KA3 Junior
1 Peter Bouzinelos
2 Harrison Draffin
3 Anthony Capobianco

KA3 Senior Light
1 James Sera
2 Steven Tsesmelis
3 Max Torcasio

X30 Light
1 Jack Bell
2 Jordan Dudfield
3 Matthew Hillyer

TaG 125 Heavy
1 Matthew Wall
2 Rick Pringle
3 Thomas Hughes

KA4 Junior Heavy
1 Harrison Sellars
2 Ethan Briggs
3 Zach Findlay

Vic Combined Masters
1 Phil Smith
2 Alan Roberts
3 Peter Gigis


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