Tough WSK Masters Opener

After displaying promising pace at the venue the week prior, neither of the Australians at the opening round of WSK Super Masters at Adria Raceway were able to replicate their impressive form.

Griffin Peebles (Mini, Kart Republic/IAME, Team Driver Racing Kart)

Griffin Peebles was able to qualify in the top half of a massive field (115 kids!) of Mini, but at this level, 0.798s off pole drops you to 58th…

Strong heat results moved him up the ranking before taking 26th in the Final.

(pic – Griffin Peebles / Facebook)

Qualifying – 58 (of 115)
Heats – 10, 6, 6, 13, 9, 7
Ranking after heats – 23
PreFinal A – 14
Final – 26th


James Wharton (OK, Parolin/TM, Parolin Motorsport)

Meanwhile, James Wharton admitted he had a tough qualifying session, but things never really fired up from there. Despite recovering a few positions in the heats, and in with a decent chance of qualifying through the pre-final, Wharton sadly DNFd, completing just 5 laps and therefore missing the cutoff.

Qualifying – 45 (of 63)
Heats – 14, 28, 19
Ranking after heats – 42
PreFinal B – 27
Final – did not transfer to the Final

(pic – James Wharton / Facebook)