Driver PR: New Package for Aiden Schweikert

With a new kart and new season, Aiden Schweikert was ready to make a statement to start the 2021 season at the opening round of the Golden Power Series, the fast flowing Rochester Kart Club circuit. Formula K became Aiden’s new chassis provided and qualifying in the oversized Cadet 12 40 kart field was the start of a tough challenge!

Qualifying started with Aiden just missing the hot paced top 50% in timed practice but confidence was still high with improvement to come. Aiden started qualifying setting a lap time to put himself in the top three karters but with the pace increasing Aiden dropped to be in the battle for positions 5-6. Just when it was needed, Aiden was able to dig deep and set a time that put him on pole position for his half. Position 13 overall in the oversized 40 kart field in a great session moving forward nearly 10 spots from timed practice!

Aiden ready to go for the weekend (pic – Aiden Schweikert Racing)

Heat 1 and Schweikert didn’t have the start to the weekend he was after unfortunately getting turned around and dropping back to position 17. Young Aiden then put his head down and tried to make the best out of a bad situation, passing as many karts as he could. In a strong and entertaining charge Schweikert made his way up inside the top 10 to finish heat 1.

Young Aiden had a much better start in heat 2 landing himself inside the top 10 after lap one. The Formula K machine went to work, made up a position mid race and made his way into position 9. Schweikert caught the battle in front and after some smart optimistic driving was able to make his way from position 9 to a finishing position of 7 on the final lap!


Heat 3 and Aiden was again out of position 7 and in a fast race Aiden stayed there for majority of it. In the final lap things heated up as the Formula K driver went for position 6 and had the crowd watching as himself and Harrison Strik ran side by side through multiple corners! Schweikert unfortunately come out of the last lap battles worse for wear than his competitors, coming home in position 9 putting himself out of position 15 for the all-important final.

Schweikert got just the start he was after in the final, jumping up three spots leaving him just outside the top 10 in position 12. Unfortunately young Aiden was pushed back in a battle and dropped down to position 20 due to this. Aiden a true racer, never gave up and was able to make his way up to position 17 by race end in a strong fight back!

Young Aiden recounted his final to us post-race. “With my points I started 15th in the final. At the start I moved up to 12th but got pushed wide. I dropped back to position 20 but then made my way back up to 17th”. Schweikert is one to watch being a young driver on the rise in the Cadet 12 field.