Reader Poll: AKC Round 1 – Yes or No?

At the time of writing, Brisbane – and by extension the Ipswich circuit – has been placed in (what is hoped to be a short-term) lockdown. There are also potential quarantine issues for people from other states or Covid hot-spots.

At this stage the event officially remains on, however Karting Australia is waiting for further announcements from the Queensland Government before making a decision early next week.

“We remain quietly confident and hopeful that the first round of AKC 2021 will be able to be held as planned but as always, respecting the legal requirements of all jurisdictions and the safety of our Karting Australia family comes first” KA stated in a communication to registered entrants.


So, what’s your opinion about the opening round of the 2021 Australian Kart Championship at Ipswich on January 22-24?

Should the event be run (if legally possible) regardless of who can or cannot make the meeting? Or should it be called off (and consequently re-scheduled or cancelled)?

  • UPDATE: Poll closed 5pm 10/1/21 as Karting Australia announced it has postponed the event.