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DRIVER TALK – Tom Williamson talks about some drivers he’s worked with:

MEMORIAL OPENER – The second year running of the Bedggood Memorial will kick off the new season at Melbourne Speedway Kart Club. The event honors the late Justin Bedggood who is remembered for his love & dedication towards speedway racing. This opening round will be contested at Laang Speedway on January 17.

CRASH! – a video compilation, by Power Republic:

KA FESTIVE BREAK- The Karting Australia office will close at 5pm Wednesday December 23 and re-open at 9am on Monday January 11, 2021. “On behalf of the Karting Australia Board and Staff we’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. After a challenging year, we hope that you are able to enjoy the Festive season with family and friends.”

BACK TO KARTS – Red Bull Junior Team driver Jak Crawford will team up with BirelART and PSL Karting for a spell of shifter kart racing across the US 2021 winter season. The 15-year old American had been contesting the German F4 series in 2020 but returns home to Texas for the holiday season and the ROK Cup USA Winter Series.

RACING ELECTRIFICATION – There’s Formula E open wheelers and Project E World Rally cars. In the video below is Blue Shock Race’s 25kW electric racing kart. In collaboration with chassis manufacturer Gillard, BSR is producing these machines, but have also created the world’s first kid kart electric championship. Despite the higher purchase price, BSR claim the low maintenance of their machines mean after one year the overall expenditure is about the same.

SURPRISE TIME – The moment you’re told you’re going to get a test drive in a real Supercar…

PEEBLES’ PODIUM – Griffin Peebles took home a National Trophy at a very wet Sarno recently at the ACI Karting National Trophy of Italy. ′′We’re really very satisfied” said Devid De Luchi of Team Driver Racing Kart. “We got first and second place in both category Finals (and) won the Mini Gr. 3 Trophy with Peebles”.

The week prior at the WSK Open Cup, a poor qualifying and “very rusty in the heats” meant Griffin did not achieve the results he wanted with his new team, Team Driver Racing Kart. In the Round 1 final he started P27 to finish P18. In Round 2 he started P21 and came home 14th (below).

BY GEORGE! – George Russell has been top of the racing news the past few weeks. Here’s some on-board footage with him in karts, WSK Super Master series practice in the KF class on Birel/TM at La Conca in 2013. There’s more about George and his karting career on TheRaceBox HERE.

PREMIER SERIES – Here’s the 2021 NSW Festival State Cup schedule (4 rounds) plus dates of KA-NSW club race meets:

CLUB NEWS – Newcastle Kart Club has appointed its Race Committee for 2021. The Committee has four members; David Laughton, Ken Mulholland, Matthew Hill and Oscar Priest.

The Committee has decided the race format for all five club championship rounds in 2021 will be KA format 13:

  • Random grid for heats 1 & 2 – 8 laps
  • Random grid for heat 3 – 10 laps
  • Final grid from heats 1+2+3 to the front – 12 laps
  • All points will count for trophy winners in each class.

Other ‘special event’ race meetings will have their own formats to be announced at a later date.


SCOTTY ON TRACK – Now based in North America, Scott McLaughlin was back in a kart recently, jumping aboard “Aussie” brand (but Italian made) Will Power Kart. “It was a bit chilly.. but awesome to finally get my kart set up going over here!” McLaughlin posted. “Thanks for the help Will Power.”

EURO VIDEO – There’s some great slo-mo footage in this Thank You video from WSK Promotion. “WSK would like to thank all of our teams, drivers, race officials, members of the press and all of our fans who have allowed us to complete one of the most difficult racing seasons ever. Our hope is to meet again soon as we continue doing together what we love, competing with respect for both the regulations and also our opponents.” – WSK.

ZOOM – This is a sign of the times – or at least covid-affected 2020 – a grid of faces participating in a video/Zoom meeting. And it’s exactly how Birel ART conducted its annual Dealer conference for 2020.

“Even if it was in a virtual way, your presence, together with your active contributions, feedback and ideas, was greatly appreciated and has gone towards making this event a great success” the company posted. “We hope to see you in person at the next Birel ART Dealer Annual Meeting!”

CLUB NEWS – Launceston Kart Club had its Season Celebrations at the track recently. “It was a fantastic day for all LKC Members to get together” the club posted. “We presented some awards during the day, so congratulations to all the award recipients and their fantastic achievements during the 2020 season. If you weren’t present, get in contact with us to receive your award.”

Driver of the Year
Cadet – William Kusnezow
Junior – Harrison Sellars
Senior – Calvin Broad

Consistency Award
Cadet – William Kusnezow
Junior – Harrison Sellars
Senior – Ken Jones

President’s Award
Cadet – Ayrton Myers
Junior – Oscar Sellars
Senior – William Blair

Encouragement Award
Cadet – Jasper Dorman
Junior – Tabitha Ambrose
Senior – William Reeve

DEZZIE’S F**K UPS – Power Republic’s last video for 2020 – the outtakes! “Thank you to all our viewers, subscribers, video sharers, friends, Instagram followers, Facebookers and anyone else that has tuned in throughout the year. We really appreciate the support” – Power Republic.

VOLUNTEERS – The Sports Community organisation reports that recent Sport Australia data found a staggering 2.2 million (71%) volunteers had not returned to sport in the same capacity post COVID-19. Volunteers hold approximately 72% of roles in sport and recreation and it’s believed the significant downturn in volunteer participation has had, and will continue to have, negative repercussions on sport in 2021.

“COVID-19 had a huge impact on sports in Australia” said Steve Pallas, CEO of Sports Community. “A majority of volunteers have been unable to return in their original capacity and we have seen a number of clubs severely under-resourced as a result.”

There is no karting-specific data, however these significant numbers could be partly explained by the fact that lots of sports could not take place, and if the events don’t take place, there’s no need for volunteers.

There’s also anecdotal evidence that volunteers in the high-risk demographic regarding covid infection have been reluctant to be part of gatherings and simply pulled the pin on volunteering for sport to reduce their risk of exposure.

Regardless, have full appreciation for the people who volunteer to make our sport great, and if there’s a job that needs doing at your club, volunteer to do it!

TECH UPDATE – Roller-type main bearings will be permissible in IAME KA100 and X30 engines from 1/1/21.

APPOINTMENT – Karting NSW has appointed a new Director of Promotion, Media and Marketing. Canadian born Jesse Landry brings over a decade of media experience including traditional print media, digital, marketing & advertising via international business experience in Australia, Canada, and the UK.

“We are very excited to welcome someone of Jesse’s caliber to the Board” said KNSW Chair, Ilona Alsters. “Jesse will work with us to explore and identify corporate business opportunities, and advise and manage sponsorship activities.”