No ‘Team Australia’ for Rotax Worlds

It’s unfortunate, but in the circumstances not totally unexpected – there will be no Team Australia representation at the 2020 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals.

Australian Rotax distributor IKD announced the news today.

The seats that would have been occupied by Team Australia will now be allocated to drivers from other countries.

Happy days at the Rotax Grand Finals. Team Australia will have to wait for a re-start in 2021 (pic – Coopers Photography)

Statement from IKD


IKD would like to advise that we have officially informed Rotax that Team Australia will not be competing at the planned Grand Finals in Portugal (January 2021)

As we have not been able to run a Pro Tour Series in 2020 and with all the known problems that currently exist around international travel it was simply the best overall decision.

The seats that were allocated to Australia have been handed back and reallocated to other countries.

We regret that Team Australia will not be attending this event for the first time ever and we look forward to Team Australia 2021 once again competing at this amazing event.