Back In Stock: New-Line / EM Tech Water Hoses

The vibrant range of New-Line / EM Technology water hose is back in stock at Remo Racing.

Customers can contact their local IAME dealer and if they don’t have them in stock, have them give REMO RACING a call on (03) 5382 0241 to place an order.


  • High quality silicone construction
  • 1 metre long
  • Green, Yellow, Orange, Black with Single 90º Bend – RRP $41ea
  • Red, Blue, Black with Double 90º Bend – RRP $54ea

Newline Silicone Water hoses are renowned for their exceptional quality and choice of vibrant colours.


Measuring approximately 1 metre long and available in 6 colours – Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue & Black – they are sure to make your kart stand out in a crowd!!

Remo Racing
(03) 5382 0241