KNSW Date Clash Statement

Karting NSW has published the following statement regarding its State Championship event, which, now that KA has announced the resumption of the AKC, has a significant date clash for karters to consider.

In early May of this year, Karting NSW announced the date of the Karting NSW State Titles – scheduling the event for 6-8 November 2020.

Karting NSW is proud to have given all interested parties over 6 month’s notice to plan and prepare for this event.

Karting NSW has become aware of an announcement on Friday 16/10/2020 confirming a non-KNSW event is to be held at Newcastle on the same weekend as the Karting NSW State Titles at Port Macquarie on 6-8 November 2020.

Karting NSW acknowledges there are some people who are disappointed they cannot attend both events.

We too are disappointed for competitors, business and the wider karting community, and firmly believe this scheduling clash could have been avoided.


We wish to remind the karting community that:

  • Our Mission is to develop & promote karting throughout Australia for the benefit of all.
  • Our Vision is to have More People Karting More Often.

And we Value Leadership, Transparency, Accountability, Co-operation and Inclusion.

To Karting NSW, these are not just words on a page. Karting for us is not a business, it’s our passion. Our Board consists entirely of volunteers who all actively work very hard to keep costs low, and to grow the sport – And it’s working!

Karting NSW looks forward to seeing as many of the karting community as possible on 6-8 November, 2020 – as the Karting NSW State Titles at Port Macquarie is sure to be an fantastic event!

The Board of Karting NSW