Kart Republic Australia Look to The Future

Kart Republic Australia and Holden Kart Racing would like to announce they are still the only Australian importer for Kart Republic karts and their products.

We would like all our drivers and dealers that have represented Kart Republic and all those joining us to know that we will continue our commitment and support to them and the brand as we have throughout 2020. 

Kart Republic Australia are also excited to announce that the arrival of our next shipment is due this month. Because of the world’s freight delays we have had to wait longer than expected. Meanwhile the popularity of Kart Republic here in Australia continues to grow.

When our karts first hit the track in January this year people asked “what are they?” and now due to a consistent string of great results it’s a brand many are trying to get their hands on.  


With this current stock selling quickly we will be ordering our next shipment very soon so we are prepared to service all your needs as we head towards 2021. Any current Kart Republic drivers or potential new customers who are interested in purchasing karts or products in particular the KZ KR1 karts, custom factory race suits and or winter clothing please get in touch so we can get those orders included.

We also welcome new drivers to be part of the Kart Republic Australia Racing Team for the Australian Karting Championships and State Championships for the remainder of 2020 and for 2021.  Our packages are flexible and can be personalized to each driver’s needs. We can customize deals from data analysis and setup assistance, transport and pit space to full arrive and drive.  

Kart Republic Australia wants drivers and their families to have the freedom to choose how they go about their racing. We are here to help, support and guide each driver to reach their potential. Our aim is always to make everyone feel like they are an important part of the Kart Republic Family.