KNSW Approve Hard-Chromed Cranks in Mini-ROK Engine

from KNSW

Karting New South Wales will allow the Vortex Mini Rok engine used in the Novice and Rookie classes to have its crankshaft main bearing journals hard-chromed.

An update to the Karting NSW rules that takes effect from 1 October 2020 will allow the Mini Rok Crankshaft to be hard-chromed on the bearing diameters only.

The process allows worn cranks to be restored to factory measurements without having to replace them, providing the end user with a far more cost-effective option. This technique is currently used on the IAME 100cc Reedjet engine that is popular in many Junior and Senior classes.


This process provides no performance advantage.

“This rule change is about saving karters money, reducing waste, future proofing parts availability and keeping Aussie jobs.”

The process can be performed locally through a number of different engine builders.

Vortex Mini Rok engines that have had their crankshaft bearing diameters hard-chromed will be eligible for competition from 1 October 2020 including but not limited to the ACT State Titles on 2-3 October (Juniors), the NSW State Titles on 6-8 November, the NSW Speedway Kart Club State Title on 14-15 November, and of course all other Karting NSW Meeting Levels.