Spring Racing at Sandy Creek

by Kev “The Noise” Davies

Sixty-five drivers attended the Spring meeting at the Sandy Creek Raceway and a lot of fun it was too, with some firt-time winners and great battles through the day.

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Tim Baker, the racing with autism sponsored driver, presented The Noise with a fabulous commemorative photo frame of their interactions!

Let’s start with the youngest and the Cadet 9p & 12p were given their own time. Mikko Wuoti will this morning be watching his first ever heat win on his newly proclaimed personal YouTube chanel, so the results after some fun track time for the beginners were Harry Beaton coming home 4th getting personal bests all day in the process, Mikko Wuoti gets his first podium coming home third, Slayterbug Brown gets another podium in p2 to celebrate getting off his Ps and first win goes to Blake Haigh. Running with the Cadet 9Ps was the Cadet 12P driver Armand Hamilton having a great time on track.

1st win for Blake Haigh (pic – Kevin Davies)
Armand Hamilton, Cadet 12P (pic – Kevin Davies)

In the Cadet 9’s there was just as much drama with Dima, the eventual 3rd place getter suffering one dnf when his nassua panel flew up and blocked his vision! In second place a great drive all day got Riley Curtis a well deserved 2nd place. The win went to the now formidable force that is the #44 of Sebastian Eskandari-Mirandi. Some great battles in the mid pack all day also between Elkayam, Brown, the Fischle brothers & Helm.

Cadet 9 winner, Sebastian Eskandari-Mirandi (pic – Kevin Davies)
Basilio Micale (pic – Kevin Davies)

Sammy Piggott  was among the Cadet 12s aboard his 4SS kart and he had a fabulous day mixing it with the two strokes. In the two strokes a win for Toby Musico by just one point in the end from Sebastian Bennett in second, just a single point back to third also for Jordan Sell. Once again some great battles in the mid pack between the Tempur sponsored #98 of Jackson Cooper, Jack Beeton, Baxter Jarrett, Levi Boyd, and the Sternbeck pairing of Yamuna & Madhava, the latter also suffering a dislodged nassua panel in a heat. Tameka Dyne & Lukas Beisner were an awesome race battle all day long!

Toby Musico, 1st Cadet 12 (pic – Kevin Davies)
4SS Cadet, Sammy Piggot (pic – Kevin Davies)
Madhava Sternbeck (pic – Kevin Davies)

The KA4 Juniors saw a very dominant performance from the #94 of Alex Gardener beating the Ormeau flyer WELZIE (Jack Wells) by seven points. In third place was Ari Wedlock who for all the speed he showed could only get within 2 points of second place. Some great racing down the mid pack yet again with Bromhead a star performer just one point off the podium, Sell, Anderson and Peacock not far behind, then Ayres, McDonald, Lane & Hastie getting among it also.

KA4 Junior winner, Alex Gardener (pic – Kevin Davies)

KA3 Junior saw an epic battle unfold between the pirate racer Coby Govoni & the South African ace Slade Orsmond; they finished equal on points in an amazing display of close racing with Govoni getting the win based on him winning the final. Due to their continuous battling it meant Cody Colins who eventually got 3rd place was in the hunt for the front dragging with him Jayden Od’dea in 4th and Nicholas Zimmerman in 5th, the latter 3 had a huge battle in the final for just about the whole race!

KA3 Junior winner Coby Govoni (pic – Kevin Davies)

TaG Light saw a fabulous win for the Japanese Samurai of Jumpei Morita using his very own DRS (drag reduction system) of leaning back and down into the seat working perfectly against the Warwick specialist Nic Lane. Nic came second ahead of Aaron Williams in third.


Jumpei Morita, 1st in TaG Light (pic – Kevin Davies)

TaG Restricted Masters (the old buggers), what an awesome win it was for Justin Beeton who not only raced but had his two sons racing to look after also! Coming home second two points behind was Johny Heath. In third but 7 points back after one bad heat was Shane Castles. Once again great performances in individual heats by Bleisner, PC Paul Willmott, Guy Wuoti, Fast Freddie, Kevvy Cossor, Julian Laws and Bazza Mendelson.

Justin Beeton, 1st TaG Restricted Masters (pic – Kevin Davies)

Racing with the old buggers were the TaG Restricted Mediums (the pie eaters), and it was a fabulous family Dagg affair with dad Gregg Dagg coming third, 1st son and in his first race Trystan Dagg coming second whist second son and the most experienced of them Joshua Dagg taking the win! 

TaG R Medium winner, Joshua Dagg led home a family 1-2-3 (pic – Kevin Davies)

The one 4SS Senior competitor here this weekend, Timothy Baker actually had a great race day battling with Gregg Dagg all day catching him in the corners only to be left down the straights!

Timothy Baker, 4SS Senior (pic – Kevin Davies)

Finally the last class, the TaG Restricted Lights and the ever populous #66 factory Power Republic pilot Lucas O’Connor was unstoppable once more taking a clean sweep of victories. In second Justin Smith with a great drive and in third the RKA pulse tuning sponsored driver Even Broughton. Robert Mortensen would have been on the podium but for mechanical dramas all day and the mechanical dramas also struck for Angus Gardner & Matty Cragg.

All in all a great days racing!

A massive shout out goes to Warwick Kart Club for putting on a great meeting, thanks to all the officials, committee & volunteers for making it happen, thanks to our very special canteen convener Phil McCackling for keeping everyone fed & watered for two days and well done to all the winners and all competitors for showing respect in racing all weekend.

The Noise 
Over n out