KNSW Target National Recognition

Karting NSW has declared one of its objectives is to become a recognised National Sporting Organisation.

This is one of the strategic initiatives included in the Karting NSW Strategic Plan for 2020-2023.

“KNSW currently has over 1,845 licence holders, 23 Affiliated Clubs and over 180 active Officials supporting the sport of karting in Australia – primarily located in New South Wales” the organisation stated.

“The organisation is currently re-building the sport and focused on membership growth across Australia. The KNSW Strategic Plan 2020-2023 has been developed with this challenge in mind.


“KNSW has identified that partnerships are critical to the achievement of the goals, objectives and strategies outlined in the Plan

“The Strategic Plan will be monitored regularly as part of the Agenda of each Board Meeting; and formally renewed annually and may be adjusted to take into account the changing environment or new opportunities.

“Karting (New South Wales) Inc is the recognised State Sporting Organisation (SSO) in New South Wales for the sport of karting.”


  • The 14-page document is illustrated below. The original PDF can be downloaded HERE.