Coffs Harbour Club Champs, Round 3

from CHKRC

It was another great weekend of racing action from Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Club and Coffs Harbour turned on some awesome weather also. Thanks to everyone who made the journey to this awesome facility to make for a great weekend of racing, everyone had lots of fun.

TaG Restricted Heavy

First things first, a huge congratulations to our Committee, Club Members, Officials & Volunteers on a great smoothly run race meeting.

The video below is from heat 1 of TaG Restricted Light. Sometimes things don’t go right, nobody likes to see accidents like this. Thankfully Phil is ok. What great sportsmanship from Mark to help him out. He broke a record getting out of his kart to assist. Phil assures us he will be back in no time.

The rest of the racing went off pretty much incident free, with lots of brilliant racing action throughout the day.

Novice & Rookie
TaG Restricted Light

TAG 125 Light

1st James Hamer

2nd Scott Hargans

3rd Zane Morrison

TaG 125 Light

TAG 125 Heavy

1st James Morrison

2nd Nick Essery

3rd Nigel Everest

TaG 125 Heavy


1st Kobi Preston

2nd Tait Owens

3rd Braith Van Laarhoven



1st Logan Eveleigh

2nd Timothy Reed

3rd Joel Lammers



TAG Restricted Heavy

1st Darren Funston

2nd Bradley Schneider

3rd Daniel Ridge

TaG Restricted Heavy

Junior Light

1st Seth Brown

2nd Cooper Griffiths

3rd Jarred Chafer

Junior Light

Junior Performance

1st Winston Van Laarhove

2nd Max Gommers

Junior Performance

Senior Performance Light

1st Ash Campbell

Senior Performance Light

TAG Restricted Light

1st Tom Hayman

2nd John O’Reilly

3rd Dan Clarkson

TaG Restricted Light
TaG 125

Our next race meeting is the 25th Anniversary of Geoff King Motors Over 40’s Titles on 4th-6th September. If you are looking for a kart event that specifically caters for those competitors who are more experienced look no further.

This event incorporates multiple divisions to cater for a wide variety of drivers aged 40 or over. Formerly known as the Australian Kart Masters, the Over 40s features more racing laps & a shootout competition. Each class will compete in qualifying, four heat races, pre final & a final to determine our Over 40s Champions.

C’mon masters of karting dust off your rigs, get your entries in & show the younger karter’s how it’s done!

You know how good this event is or you have heard how good this event is (if you haven’t been) so get your entries in & let’s see who our Kart Master’s are??????????????

Are you up for the challenge?????????????

Click the link to enter this awesome event