DAS For Karts!

The Mercedes Formula One team is running a Dual Axis Steering (DAS) system on its race cars this year. And now there’s a similar system for karts!

The Dynamic Kart Steering (DAS) system hit the market recently, allowing the driver to adjust front toe settings on the run by pulling or pushing the steering wheel.

The system is sold as a kit for $485 and can be retro fitted to pretty much any modern kart.

The key to the system is the head unit (an alternative top steering boss) that snaps to either one of two positions, lifting or lower the steering column – which subsequently changes the angle of the tie-rods to the stub axles, therefore altering the toe setting.

Once installed and set up, the system can allow more aggressive toe-out for corner entry, then re-align for less tyre scrub in a straight line.


The manufacturer states the system lowers tyre temp, leading to less tyre degradation and longer life.

More importantly, they claim improved lap times.

As the current regulations are written, it would seem to be totally legal.

So, is this the next “Must Have”? And if so, is it appropriate for karting?