New ‘Race Factory’ Brand

A new chassis brand, “Race Factory“, has launched in the USA. The brand will feature a base model chassis plus a ‘RaceLine’ model in 2021.

The new Race Factory kart. Decal kit is reminiscent of the iconic Rothmans Racing liveries used back in the days of tobacco advertising.

The KZ125 chassis is an all 30mm design for shifterkart categories.

Drivers in 100cc or Briggs 206 competition have the ‘Sportsman’ model, which is a mix of 28mm and 30mm tubing.

The 28mm ‘Mini’ chassis is for all Cadet level racing for 2-cycle and 4-cycle competition.

The new chassis line is more than just a kart, it is the launch of a lifestyle brand with a purpose of marketing to those within and outside the sport to promote what karting is” the Race Factory press release stated.

The Race Factory is founded by Race Liberante, the reigning SKUSA Pro Tour Pro Shifter 2 champion, Rock Island Grand Prix King of the Streets and USAC Karting Battle at the Brickyard winner.


Liberante has over 20 years of karting industry experience, driving for multiple brands with a background in race car engineering and fabrication.

Alongside Liberante is Dr Anthony DiCeaso, an owner and operator of fitness gyms, chiropractic offices and wellness centers across Pennsylvania who has a background in motorsport and a passion for karting.

“Race Factory is a pure racing chassis brand. The concept is simple yet different than the industry’s standard. The chassis line features an updated design and materials sourced from around the world with OEM components or custom options available.”

“Winning is our top priority on the track for Race Factory,” added Liberante.