KA Celebrate National Volunteers Week

Karting Australia has celebrated National Volunteers Weeks with a big thank you to those who volunteer and contribute to the sport of karting.

Across the week of May 18 to 24, KA published some interviews with a number of volunteers from various states.

Thank you to all volunteers who make karting happen!

Pam Mathews – Pam is a veteran of our sport having been actively involved for more than 35 years. Pam is a Life Member of the North Shore Kart Club at Eastern Creek and has played many roles around the Club she calls home.


Jo Maisey – Seven Years ago, Jo got involved in karting when her two sons started racing and she has been involved at various levels since. Jo is currently the Club President of the Midwest Kart Club in Western Australia.

Mathew Burns – Mat has volunteered in a range of sporting disciplines before finding a home at the Darwin Karting Association in 2013.

Tom Hall – Tom is a racer who had turned his passion into giving back to the sport he loved after getting involved 15 years ago with his daughters. He’s spent time in the Tech Shed before moving on to become a Clerk of Course whilst also helping out as a Steward and when needed in the club canteen at Oakleigh Kart Racing Club.

Tracey Stroud – A founding member of the Whitsunday Moto Sports Club and also a life member, Tracey tackles anything around her club that needs doing and is always a positive face around the club.