Karting Australia Webinars Guide Clubs Back On Track

Karting Australia is leading its affiliated Clubs back to the track as the world emerges from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Throughout this week, Karting Australia Chief Executive Officer Kelvin O’Reilly and Chief Operating Officer Lee Hanatschek have hosted four webinars alongside Sports Community’s Steve Pallas with Clubs across the country.

The webinars focused on ensuring the State Associations and affiliated Clubs have all of the information and resources necessary to provide a COVIDSafe environment for the karting community and ensuring that they are properly informed about the ongoing changes in State Restrictions.

More than 150 people were engaged in the webinars representing clubs from all across the country.

“As we emerge from the restrictions, it is important that our States and Clubs are fully informed with the correct information from the Government that applies to them and that the Clubs are very clear on what is required to ensure they have a COVIDSafe environment,” said O’Reilly.

“Throughout each of the webinars, we outlined the clear path that our sport intends to take as we emerge from the Pandemic and ensuring that together we avoid the potential issues that arise. We have outlined the scalable, staged recommencement of the sport starting with Stage 1 – Small Scale Club Social Karting.

“Last week we submitted our ‘Restart Your Kart’ plan to Federal and State Health Public Authorities that demonstrates a responsible, well thought out plan that respects all Government requirements by our sport.  We’ve received very favourable feedback from the respective departments and Officers on this plan.”


Karts are back on track this weekend in four states, and three others getting set for when Government restrictions allow and are clearer.

“We always knew that the restart would happen at different times across the different States and even within each State. It may take a little longer for Clubs that are situated on local government land,” said O’Reilly.

For Karting WA State Administrator Michelle Lino, she believes the webinars and guidance provided by Karting Australia throughout this time has assisted their Clubs in preparing to be back on track.

“Karting Australia led us very well on the direction all throughout this Pandemic that we need to take to ensure that they are ready as soon as government restrictions allow us to,” said Lino.

“The webinar was a great insight into where we are heading and what the Clubs need to do.  The WA government have now given us all a clearer definition of the limits that apply to us as of next Monday, so many of the WA Clubs are looking to have a plan in place for next weekend.”

The Victorian Directions issued this week give a clear path for a sport like Karting that operates on large facilities on a large footprint of land to follow.

Karting Australia and some member states are seeking further clarity from Government as to what the current levels of restrictions actually mean for community sport – in particular motorsport.  Details on the State of the States can be found HERE.

Karting Australia will continue to work closely with the State Associations and affiliated Clubs as the sport gets back track over the coming months.