New Product: 3K Kart Stacker

The Patrizicorse 3K Stackers are ideal for race teams, kart shops or families that have multiple karts, offering the ability to display, store and transport multiple chassis under the footprint of one.

Patrizicorse’s 3K Stacker comes with hard-wearing casters and are easy to assemble; ready to go with in minutes. They are designed to fit all models of sprint karts, from Cadets to adults, without having to dissemble any of the kart.

“There is only one stacker that has been built to this quality, tried and tested for three seasons before going to market” Patrizicorse posted on social media.


“With our stackers you save up to three metres of space in your garage if you had three karts.”

The kart stackers come complete with 3 tiers, rubber protection for the chassis, castor wheels and straps.

Available online at