Canadian Wins Rotax eSeries Challenge

Canadian karter Patrick Woods-Toth won the first ever Rotax SIM Racing Challenge overnight.

The 16-year old beat pole-sitter and Pre-Final B winner Diago Francisco with brilliant around-the-outside last-lap move in the 25-minute final.

Earlier, he had taken P2 in the opening Pre-Final, matching the pace of fastest qualifier and race winner Johnny Guindi.

The only Australian to qualify in the top 72 drivers was WA’s Colin Suttie. Unfortunately he was wiped out in the opening lap of pre-final B.

Patrick Woods-Toth, here in his real Rotax-powered kart, has secured the champion’s title at the first ever running of the Rotax SIM RACING Challenge (pic – Cody Schindel/CKN)

Woods-Toth has been racing karts for eight years, (3 years longer than his Sim) and made his Rotax Grand Finals debut in Micro MAX in New Orleans (USA) where he finished 3rd in just his second season racing.

He has qualified twice since to represent Team Canada, and last year winning won the Canadian Open.


“I had a great time racing in the Rotax Sim Racing Challenge. Racing with and against so many incredible racers and sim racers was an amazing experience” he said.

“In qualifying, each position was separated by less than 1-tenth which is super close; because in real races it’s very hard to have such a tight field. I think the match up was pretty fair. Diogo [Francisco], Johnny [Guindi], … all of these guys were super fast and are accomplished sim racers across many different games, yet I managed to hold my own and stay right up there with them to race for the win.

“This was definitely one of the most competitive [eSports events] I’ve ever raced in, even compared to in ‘real life’ races. I really enjoyed the event and I am so happy to be on the top step of the virtual podium! Big thanks to PrimePowerTeam and Rotax!”

‘Team Canada’ – the Rotax Series used the Skip Barber car in iRacing

Patrick’s race mechanic Kenneth O’Keefe was also competing and finished third, after qualifying P5.

The win now gives the Senior MAX driver the chance to race at the Rotax Grand Finals 2020 in Bahrain in the Project E20 eKart.  Cash prizes are awarded to the other drivers finishing up to 5th.


Rotax Sim Challenge Final

PosCust IDNameIntervalTimeClub
1216929Patrick Woods-Toth-00.0001:42.509Canada
2255667Diogo Francisco-00.2191:42.611Iberia
324386Kenneth OKeefe-01.6781:42.581Canada
4220496László Sövér-03.7731:42.674Central-Eastern Europe
520086Curtis Fung-15.0851:42.689Canada
6443811Robert De Haan-18.5891:43.261Benelux
7301529Nino Riepl-18.7571:42.887DE-AT-CH
8245195Martin Rennhofer-19.0241:42.789DE-AT-CH
9305485David Lackner-23.1101:43.229DE-AT-CH
10378289Louie Stockfleth-23.0501:43.065Scandinavia
1165531Jan Schwitter-25.1861:43.007DE-AT-CH
12173877Martin Brouwers-27.5361:42.974Benelux
1324176Adrian Czuchaj-33.9601:43.770Central-Eastern Europe
14471684Marcell Darvasi-37.0961:43.855Central-Eastern Europe
15442720Guilherme De Oliveira-40.6571:43.389Iberia
1619917Richard Basford-43.3191:43.112Canada
17216254Daniel Daum-47.7381:43.321DE-AT-CH
18395327Max Palme-51.4481:44.226DE-AT-CH
19304079Dragos Avasilcutei-55.1621:43.956DE-AT-CH
20409915Jerzy Glac-1:06.9721:43.414Central-Eastern Europe
2179495Gerardo Babio Ramos-1:13.6091:42.596Iberia
22234914Flavio Dantas-1:19.2141:42.596Brazil
23382116Philipp Hammer2-1:22.4871:42.950DE-AT-CH
2459753Justin Allison-1 L1:42.917Africa/South Africa
25471884Gabriel Salomon-2 L1:43.270Scandinavia
2659865Mikko Nässi-5 L1:42.574Finland
2755618Benny Simonsen-5 L1:42.567UK and I
28474833Florian Garcia4-7 L1:43.721France
29489800Dmitry Kofanov II-12 L2:02.603Central-Eastern Europe
30308986Matt Higgins-14 L UK and I
31362071Teddy Sin-14 L Texas
32132444Johnny Guindi-15 L Mexico
33209287Alberto Palencia-15 L Iberia
34295288José I. Soria-15 L Iberia
3544063Dennis Wehdeking-15 L DE-AT-CH
36414058Adilson Junior-15 L Brazil
 DQNathan Brito   
 DQNathan Maia Brito   
 DQAnthony Millo