KA’s 5-Stage “Road Out of Lockdown”

From COVID-19 Lockdown to Full Competition Karting

Karting Australia has today released a five-stage map of the ‘Road Out’ for the sport across the country.

The first step will see, when State Governments allow, limited numbers of Licence Holders back on track at each Club, not racing but in organised social karting designed to get members back to the Track.

“While the last six weeks have tested the resolve of everyone in Australia and across the world, the Karting Australia Family has remained strong and it now looks like we are just about at the point where we need to start to get ready to get suited up and head on the ‘Road Out’,” said Karting Australia CEO Kelvin O’Reilly.

“Obviously, that is completely dependent on the easing of the Government Restrictions in each State and across the country but where and when Government imposed restriction on gatherings of persons allow (as they are starting to do) then we need to start to get the wheels spinning on our Race Tracks again. “

The weekend just gone, has seen Queensland and Western Australia start to ease restrictions on recreational activities that can be undertaken.

Limited motorsport activities have been permitted in South Australia right through the pandemic and many of the South Australian Clubs are now readying themselves to start to run limited social karting activities as early as this weekend. It is expected that following the Government’s advice, many of the Western Australian Clubs will begin their preparations for a return to social karting activities as well.

“There is little doubt that the restrictions that are currently in place have worked exceptionally well but they will be lifted in a much slower manner than the way in which they were introduced,” added O’Reilly.

“Clearly, we are not out of the woods yet, and we do have to be incredibly careful as a community not to make any silly mistakes. At Karting Australia we’re full of hope, optimism and expectations that we are much closer to the end of the extreme lockdown measures.

“Our Chief Medical Officer Dr Brent May, who is also the CMO for Motorsport Australia and Motorcycling Australia has made direct representation to the Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Australia and the Chief Health Officer of Victoria on our behalf that will be discussed by the AHPPC this week as they consider easing the national restrictions on professional and community sports including motorsport.


“We’ve been in regular contact with Member States and Club Presidents through the entire process over the past six weeks providing them with all of the information through our dedicated COVID-19 communications, all of which, and more, is contained on the COVID-19 information page on our website.

“With the advice we have been given, we are now at the point where we have released the full details on the first stage on our ‘Road Out’ plan to our Member States and Clubs that we’ve been working on for some time now. It outlines what we expect to become the shape of our sport for the remainder of 2020. We will be working with our Member States and Clubs to shape the sport for the longer term in what are likely to be very different circumstances than we have ever seen before.”

Karting Australia’s – Five Stages on the Road Out

Stage 1 of Karting Australia’s ‘Road Out’ (when State Governments allow) will see small numbers of current Licence Holders being able to use their Club’s facilities for Social Karting.

This must take place under a standard set of Supplementary Regulations that deal heavily with COVID-19 specific requirements that our Clubs and persons using Club facilities must respect at all times, including the regulations governing maximum person numbers, density, social distancing and COVID-19 hygiene issues.

Each State currently has varying restrictive measures in place. This will necessitate Clubs making the decision to proceed to Stage 1 as they are ready and able to do so. Members should look to receive this advice directly from their Club by email and/or social media.

If your licence was due for renewal since 1 April and you have not yet renewed it, now is the time to do that so that you put yourself on pole position to get back in your kart. Three Bonus Months will be added to all licences that remain current.

These are vastly different times that will require a very different and agile approach at all levels of the sport. The first step is specifically targeting getting people back to our Clubs as quickly as the restrictions allow. We are providing our Clubs with all of the operational and communication resources that they will need to reignite their clubs and get the sport moving again.

The further stages will be rolled out as restrictions allow and when practical to do so.

Stage 2 – Larger Scale Social Karting Activities (Anticipated Date: June*)
Stage 3 – Club Level Competition to return (Anticipated Date: July*)
Stage 4 – Zonal Level Competition to return (Anticipated Date: August*)
Stage 5 – National/Interstate Competition to return (Anticipated Date: September*)
*upon Government Approval

An outline for all of the remaining stages has been developed by Karting Australia. The full details will be released at the most appropriate time to ensure all Clubs are fully prepared for the ‘Road Out’.