Kartsport NZ Go Sim Racing

The governing body of karting in New Zealand has organised an official “iKartsport” online sim racing competition for its members using the iRacing platform.

Kartsport New Zealand say the sport is “first and foremost a family sport, built on a foundation of club days, camaraderie and yes good fair competition. Our intention is iKartSport should be no different, so no prizes for who wins, no trips to the Worlds… just good ClubSport fun in the true spirit of KartSport.

“Just like a Club Day you may be on track with a totally new chum, you might be racing one of our KartSport officials, you might be on track with a national champion or you might even be on track with a Supercar Driver!”


The organisation will host online races on iRacing, starting with a low key Trophy Truck race at Laguna Seca tomorrow (April 12) at 7pm (NZ time).

Further information about the competition and joining the iKartsport league is on the Kartsport NZ website HERE.

According to Kartsport NZ Facebook post, members of Kiwi Rokkers, the KartSport Volunteer Team and Kiwi Briggs Racers have pre-approved iKartsport membership.