KA Settles Debt Recovery With KNSW

Karting Australia press release


Karting Australia To Receive Payment in Full, Plus Interest and Costs

Just over one year on from Karting Australia filing a claim against Karting New South Wales Inc. (KNSW) for non-payment of licence fees collected on behalf of Karting Australia and driver levies collected for the AKA Track Development Fund Trust, the matter has been settled by agreement between the parties.

As disclosed to its members in its 2018 Annual Report, Karting Australia commenced action against KNSW to recover licence fees and TDF levies totalling $49,759.00.

The agreed settlement will see KNSW pay to Karting Australia the sum of $62,000.00.


“It is disappointing to think that we have had to go to these lengths to recover such a significant amount of nearly $50,000 that should have been paid to us under our long-standing trading terms,” said Karting Australia CEO Kelvin O’Reilly.

“It is a pleasing outcome but one that has still cost Karting Australia in time and legal fees – even though a significant portion of those costs have been recovered.

“I can only imagine what the total cost of this has been to KNSW.

“You would have to say it was a waste of time, money and resources as it was always clear that the money in dispute should have been paid in full over 12 months ago. That being the case, Karting Australia was duty bound to act on behalf of our Members and to pursue recovery of the debt.”

Several other matters are still to come before the courts later this year including Karting Australia’s claim of copyright infringement related primarily to our National Competition Rules – the Karting Manual.