Speedway Kart Titles Are Off

The Australian and South Australian Speedway Kart Titles have been postponed due to the corona virus crisis. The Speedway Karting Association of Australasia hopes to re-schedule the events, but is unable to confirm at this stage.

SKAA press release


The decision has been made by the SKAA executives and its newly formed Safety Committee with a duty of care in mind, to postpone until further notice, both the Australian and South Australian Speedway Kart Titles.

With the Government and World Health Organisation advice being handed down expressing concerns for safety of all involved, the decision had to be made.


Both events are subject to change with the seriousness of the Covid-19 virus still only just being realised, we are unable to confirm at this stage if a reschedule is possible.

With this in mind, the SKAA suggest competitors and teams to request full refunds instead of vouchers for any travel or accommodation costs already paid for given that the likelihood of a reschedule is still unsure.

As we take each step day by day, we have no further answers at this stage other than that any other updates or information we have will be promptly conveyed through clubs, websites and social media.

We apologise for any disappointments but realise that the wellness of all involved is priority number one.