Pie Eaters & Old Buggers Tour Finale

words, pics & video supplied by Kev ‘The Noise’ Davies

Well that’s a wrap for the 2019 Pie Eaters & Old Buggers Tour brought to you by Project X.

117 karters were present and what a fabulous event we had at the last round, which doubled up as Warwick Kart Club’s championship round 6.

There are a few thank yous at the end of this race report and it finishes with our Pie Eaters & Old Buggers top-5. 

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The Noise loves getting in the spirit of an event and goes mad when the KZ2s are in take off mode!
KZ2 take-off mode.

Cadet 9 & 4SS Cadet:

Sammy Pigging was having a blast in amongst the two-strokes finishing mid-pack in every race and what a weekend he had in his 4SS kart. As for the Cadet 9s, Baxter Jarrett was on form all day and managed third over all. Sebastian Bennett raced hard with him throughout the day and managed to get enough points to claim second but the run away leader and a clean sweep for the likeable #27 of Dima!

Cadet 12:

A great show of consistency from James Cittolin earned him third overall. A brilliant days racing from the Tempur sponsored 98 of Jackson Cooper got him second and a well deserved second it was, but the showman and class driver of the field did it again – Lachlan Platten took the win and he will now be racing KA4 Junior next year!

KA4 Junior & 4SS Junior:

In the 4-bangers, newby Jack Stimo junior came home third just behind pre-race favourite Casey Le-Garde. But a magnificent win it was for the #29 kart, the local, Samuel Greenhalgh.

KA4 Juniors also saw a dominant performance with the Ormeau flier Welzie coming home first closely followed by what has to be the performance of the weekend; Mitchell Bensley on his p-plates – so starting from the rear in the heats – managed second place, quite incredible! In third, the best supported driver in paddock, South African Slade Orsmond, who suffered from minor incidents in the races, meaning he had to fight back through the field, but he did that so well he earned a fabulous third place!

KA3 Junior:

Jack Big Bang Buchback came home strong to take out third ahead of Will Marshall in 4th, but Tyler Greenbury Racing driver Ryan the rocket Laycock was too strong for both of them, but another stand out performance and a brilliant win for Harrison Lyne.

TaG Restricted Light:

Well guess who got back in a kart and showed he’s still got it? The Main Man, Mr Power, Derek Jones from Power Republic came home third. Just beating him was the flying #66 of Lucas O’Connor in another Tony Kart but the win, and a well deserved one too, went to Peter Bossons.

TaG Heavy:

Third place went to Tyler Greenbury Racing team driver Wagner Cardoso. In second an excellent drive again from the super consistent Scotty Gray; the win was an awesome display of driving from the flying #2 of Jamie Page.

TaG Light:

Matt Stenner drove excellently all day to come home third. That left it to good friends Nic Lane & Dan Plant to scrap it out for the win, Nic eventually claiming second and Dan Plant, in his last ever kart race, went out with a win!

Open Performance:

The crowd pleaser class didn’t disappoint, TG gave it his all to try and catch the front two and eventually had to settle for a well deserved 3rd. In second Dan the man Hutchinson, who in practice on Saturday had his kart taking off out of KAOS Corner, but the win went to the class act of the weekend, Brock Thornton.

Pie Eaters & Old Buggers

Ok, moving onto the main event, the famous Pie Eaters first up:

On the race day results – Rodney Rudy Farkas 3rd, Mitchell Bell 2nd, Gavarni (Gaven Whitmore ) 1st.


What a days racing it was, Mitchell Bell seemed to be in close battles all day, Rudy got closer and closer but Gavarni – well, there was no stopping him!

That meant the series finished like this: 

5th place went to the Dalby ace of fast Freddy Shepherd 
4th place went to the Cleveland Steamer (don’t Google it)
3rd place went to another Dalby ace, Prince Albert (Josh Betts)
2nd place to everyone’s favourite, Welzie 

And all hale the 2019 Project X Pie Eaters champion – RODNEY RUDY FARKAS! 

Lastly, and the biggest class of the day, the famous Old Buggers!

On the days results – Tezza the technical director 3rd, Jester (Ashley Lester) 2nd, Gavarni (Gaven Whitmore) 1st.

It was yet another amazing display of driving from Gavarni to take out the win on the day closely followed by the Jester who kept him on his toes! Tezza did all he could to keep the series alive! 

So the final series results look like this :

5th place to the man who normally wears a technicolor dream coat and wig, you got it, Eddee Wot (Trevor mMuller)
4th place went to our very own stato (Chris O’Connell ) who does all our numbers
3rd place bringing it home strong was the technical director Tezza (Terry Grant)
2nd place and he nearly caught him went to team Gavarni (Gaven Whitmore) 

So all hale the 2019 Project X Old Bugger champion – RABBY AARON RABJONES.

Wow what a weekend!! 

What can I say, but thanks to everyone and here are the thanks yous:

  • Jimmy & Bazza! They paid for me to be there so a massive thanks to those two legends for dipping into their own pockets for what was a cracker!!! 
  • Thanks to my naming rights sponsor Project X Racing & the man himself William Yarwood!! 
  • Thanks to the technical director Tezza! 
  • Thanks to Stato once again giving me all the numbers!! 
  • Thanks especially to Warwick Kart Club for hosting our end of series race meeting with the legendary Lamb family for feeding 130 of us!! 
  • 117 entries absolutely amazing! And Warwick karts club’s biggest attendance of the year!! 
  • Thanks to all the fabulous officials! Beth ! Nick ! Tania ! Fiona ! Erin ! Matt ! Linda and of course Nicole & Brownie !!! 
  • Huge thanks to our first aid man who was kept a little busy today! 
  • Thanks to the canteen ladies & coffee van. 
  • Thanks to the techies who kept everyone honest

Now for the champagne 🍾…..

Rule is, the lowest qualifier wears a dress! Barrie Mendleson honours the commitment.

And last but not least thanks to everyone in all the other classes and coming to have fun at a social karting event that was an absolute blast. Kimi, I hope you’re fully recovered!!

One last thing, if you like the series, get in touch and join us for the 2020 Noisy Tour – it’s gonna be a blast, I promise!

Ryan ‘the rocket’ Laycock tries on the Q55 Formula 500 with thumbs up from car owner Brock Thornton.
Dave Dyson’s TaG Open Heavy championship winning Superkart was on display (Dave here with partner Beth Stebbings)