Rotax’s New E-Kart Project

Rotax has announced a new electric kart project at the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Final. Unlike the Rotax THUNDeR which was a joint venture, Project E20 features a powertrain developed in-house by BRP-Rotax.

E20 has superior power, drive time and efficiency, plus less weight, compared to THUNDeR.

E20: Rotax water-cooled electric powertrain on Sodikart chassis

BRP-Rotax press


BRP-Rotax proudly presents its newest development in the e-kart field – the project E20. Having introduced its first electric race kart powertrain called Rotax THUNDeR with its joint venture partner S.M.R.E. / IET in 2017, BRP-Rotax has been developing this new electric powertrain fully in-house. The project E20 was launched at the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals in Sarno, Italy, where the international RMC karting community was gathered.

“This is the logical next step in our e-kart strategy,“ said Peter Ölsinger, General Manager BRP-Rotax and Vice President Sales, Marketing RPS-Business & Communications. “The project E20 is developed by racers for racers and we are aiming it to be race ready by May 2020, “ he continued.

The E-karts with the new technology likely will be raced in the German Electric Kart Championship in 2020. In additional to that, an international ROTAX race series is being also considered.

The new powertrain will be extensively tested this year and at the beginning of 2020. It has been developed entirely by the R&D team of BRP-Rotax having used the vast experience gained in racing over the years. Thanks to the direct link between the race track and the R& D centre, BRP-Rotax has achieved significant improvements on more fronts with this still fresh technology.


ROTAX´s new E-unit will demonstrate the next level in terms of the capacity of the high-performance lithium-ion battery, the drive time and with the boost function. It also carries less weight and represents higher efficiency, has a water-cooled motor and inverter plus an in-house vehicle control unit. The combined effects of these improvements promise to bring the E-kart on par with the combustion engine racing karts and to offer a thrilling driving experience.

What has remained unchanged are the original objectives of the E-karting programme, which include the pursuit of premium quality and constantly increasing performance level, exciting racing and clean technology to be made available for a wide range of racers in the future.

BRP-ROTAX´s electric powertrain is the most advanced programme among BRPs electric explorations. The company recently unveiled six e-concepts within its current product lines and beyond during its annual dealer meeting in Las Vegas last September.

Product Description – Project E20

Recuperation: available
New VCU (Vehicle Control Unit)


  • Lithium-ion batteries including BMS (Battery Management System) and IMS (Isolation Monitoring System)
  • System voltage: nominal 350V
  • DC- charging: within 90 mins (adjusted to race schedule between races)
  • Cooling system: air cooled battery pack, liquid-cooled engine and inverter


  • Top speed: 135 km/h variable, depending on gear ratio


  • Supplier / Type: Sodikart / Sodi Sigma DD2
  • Wheel base: 1040 mm
  • Brakes (hydraulic): 2 front and one rear brake with adjustable brake bias



  • Reverse function: available, operated by the driver
  • Boost function: available, operated by the driver
  • Steering wheel: with integrated display