Spanish & Italian Teams Win CRG Rental Worlds

The Italian factory proved to be amongst the most dynamic and active ones in the Rental Kart market, scoring an organizational and sporting success with this event dedicated to the Rental tracks that use CRG Karts. The titles went to the Spanish team CH-T Gold of Piñero, Alcaraz and García in the PRO category and to the Italian team Chioggia Kart Racing 2 of Favaretto, Varotto and Polauszach in the SILVER category. 

With 38 teams coming from 8 different countries and over 180 drivers, the 3rd edition of the Rental Kart World Contest by CRG ended with a very positive organization and sporting balance.

The 2019 edition was hosted by the Franciacorta track, in Italy, with an original format that awarded the teams that scored more points during all the stages of the event, for both categories (PRO and SILVER), from the Superpole and 2 Sprint races up to the 8h Endurance race. It’s been a hard and demanding race at all levels, for drivers and team managers, where the most complete teams stood out, both for being the fastest ones in the Superpole and in the Sprint races, and for the most efficient strategies and team work in the Endurance race.

The flags of 8 countries, including China, Germany, Ukraine, Spain, Romania and Czech Republic, created an amazing show at the Drivers Parade, so as the paddock, set up with structures of over 400 square metres for pit boxes and Hospitality area, run by the Fratelli Beretta Italian food company, partner of the event.

The CRG World Contest became one of the most coveted trophies amongst rental kart fans and it allows teams selected by the CRG tracks and events all over the world to live an amazing challenge on track, where the karts’ supply and all track services are handled directly by CRG, one of the most prestigious brands in international karting. The organization level of the event was very high, as well as the teams’ value on track.


From the sporting point of view, after 2 free practice sessions, the event officially started with the Superpole, a 10’ session that determined the starting grid of Sprint Race 1, but it especially assigned the first points for the overall ranking. In the Pro category, the best lap was made by Chioggia Kart Racing 1, ahead of Gas RT, CH-T Gold, DMS Motorsport and Miout Kart Racing. In the Silver category, instead, Chioggia Kart Racing 2 was the best in front of Titti’s Fuoriserie and Zena Silver.

In the 2 Sprint Races run for each category, the challenge between Chioggia Kart Racing 1 and CH-T Gold was immediately evident, with the Italian team achieving a victory and a 3rd place and the Spanish team a victory and a 2nd place. The DMS Motorsport team was between them, closing with a 5th place in Race 1 and with an excellent 2nd place in Race 2. On the spotlight Miout Kart Racing as well, 3rd in Race 1 but only 10th in Race 2 for a contact. In the Silver category, the Sprint races were equally shared by Allianz and Copat Team Ferlito: Allianz won Race 1 and their direct rivals closed in 2nd place, then Race 2 ended in inverted positions. The 3rd step of the podium went to the Spanish CH-T Black in Race 1 and to the German team Arena of Speed II in Race 2.

The 8 Hours Endurance race started with a very close provisional overall ranking and many candidate teams to victory, both in Pro category and in the Silver one. And after 8 amazing hours, very balanced on track, different strategies chosen by the teams and also 2 Safety Cars that modified their pit stops’ plan, in the Pro category the Spanish team CH-T Gold won with only 24” gap from the Italian team Chioggia Kart Racing 1. With this success and the points scored in the morning, the Spanish team of Piñero, Alcaraz and García conquered the title of their category ahead of the Italian team managed by the Chioggia circuit (Santi, Brunati and Rossato). The Czech team Steel Ring Gold (Vojtěch, Talaš, Svoboda e Richter) ended in 3rd place after a beautiful race, whilst Miout Kart Racing and DMS Motorsport ended in 4th and 5th place. In the Pro overall ranking, the DMS Motorsport achieved the 3rd place behind the top 2 teams of the event, overtaking Miout only in the last driving stint. Then 5th place for Steel Ring Gold and 6th place for the Ukrainian team Ingul-kart RT.

In the Silver category the success of Chioggia Kart Racing 2 (Favaretto, Varotto e Polauszach) was more evident, crossing the finishing line 3 laps ahead of Copat Team Ferlito (Ferlito S., Ferlito D., Ferlito D. and Ferlito R.) and Bolza Corse (Bimbati, Segato, Mocchiutti, Paganin and Carpenedo). Following the Spanish team CH-T Black and Beretta Racing Team, whilst Allianz was less lucky and ended in 8th place. In the Silver overall ranking the trophy went to Chioggia Kart Racing 2 with 100 points, ahead of Copat Team Ferlito with 96 and Allianz with 71. Then an excellent 4th place for CH-T Black, 5th place for Bolza Corse and 6th place for Beretta Racing Team.

The next meeting with the Endurance Kart by CRG will be the 24 Hours of Italy, scheduled on the Adria circuit in April 2020.