KNSW Statement Regarding KA Legal Action

Karting Australia has initiated legal action against a number of clubs in New South Wales, plus the Karting NSW body.

The organisations in question are no longer under the KA umbrella.

It has been speculated the cases involve alleged breach of copyright and breach of contract.

On Tuesday, Karting NSW issued the statement below.

Karting Australia was invited to comment, but declined.


Between January – July 2019, Karting (New South Wales) Inc (KNSW) and some of its volunteer member clubs have been served with a number of lawsuits filed by the Australian Karting Association Limited – trading as ‘Karting Australia’ (‘KA’), which is chaired by Mr ‘Mick’ Doohan.


KNSW believes these actions to be frivolous and without merit. KNSW, will defend themselves vigorously and look forward to presenting facts surrounding this litigation.

As these are pending legal matters before the Courts, Counsel for KNSW has advised against the discussion of these cases until such time as matters are properly brought before the Courts. However, KNSW looks forward to disclosing ALL facts relevant to these cases along with potential Counterclaims filed by KNSW, at the appropriate time.

At a time when all organisations should be working towards solutions to the problems facing the sport of karting, we find ourselves having to spend countless hours defending ourselves against these lawsuits. We will defend ourselves to the fullest, while continuing to do what members seek governing bodies to do – and that is serve the needs of karters and their member clubs.

About Karting (New South Wales) Inc:

Established in 1987, Karting (New South Wales) Inc is a not-for-profit sporting organisation. It is the recognised State governing body (SSO) for the sport of karting in New South Wales, Australia.