Karting NSW Appoint First Ambassador

Karting (New South Wales) Inc has appointed 19-year-old Ashley Chebaia as the organisation’s first ambassador.

KNSW press

Karting (New South Wales) Inc (KNSW) is pleased to announce our own Ashley Chebaia has been selected as the organisation’s first Ambassador.

In this role, Ashley will represent our karting community, help lead our media efforts and as a young role model – further drive the positive culture into our sport.

Ashley Chebaia (pic – KNSW)

Karting NSW actively supports the NSW Government’s ‘Her Sport Her Way’ initiative. Ashely will be an advocate not just for the girls and women in our Sport, but our young people generally – the next generation of karters.

As the first person selected into KNSW’s Ambassador Portfolio, the engagement of Ashley is designed to break new ground by engaging with our youth on their own terms and is a major step forward for KNSW in promoting and growing karting within NSW.

Ashley is a 19 year old Karter with a real passion for motorsport. She has been competing for four years and currently races in the KZ2 Super Series. Ashley started karting at club level – where she won her first face in the competitive Junior Max field. Ashley has also competed in the popular Ladies National Trophy (Pink Plate) Race – where she won her first national title in Tag-Restricted. She is currently racing in the top level of karting known as KZ2, where she was placed 4th in her first year of racing that class.


Ashley is a member of Combined District Kart Club at Lithgow.

KNSW’s Chairman David Filipetto believes Ashley is exactly the right choice for KNSW’s first ever ambassador.

“Ashley loves karting and is keen to help drive participation numbers and member programs to help our sport. She is polite, well-spoken and presents well. She is an example of all that is good in the sport.” David said.

“Ashley works to improve the Sport wherever possible, and with her passion for karting and commitment to grow the sport, we see Ashley as a shining light in helping drive our positive culture even further forward. We are delighted to have her join the team.”

“KNSW aims to work closely with the NSW Government to provide opportunities for women and girls to participate in sports they haven’t traditionally participated in. The ‘Her Sport Her Way’ initiative sets out initiatives and provides support to improve female representation and participation as either Competitors, Officials, or Club Executives – and hopefully will provide a pathway all the way up to Directorships on the Board. As a State Sporting Organisation, it is important that we have grass-roots representation to share that message.” David added.

Ashley’s message that “There’s no limitations to karting, everyone can race”, and her willingness to talk to anyone about how karting allows both women and men to compete in the same competition is something the Board wants to reinforce.

Ashley’s father Joe Chebaia reciprocated David’s sentiments. “Seeing Ashley so engaged in the karting community through her participation and advocacy for the sport is exciting. I can’t wait to see what she achieves in the future.”
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