WA Northern Zone Final


by Leah Watkins

Exmouth locals were treated to the sounds and smells of kart racing last weekend when competitors converged on Exmouth’s kart track for the final of the 2019 Northern Zone Series.

The North West Lights class forms up

Spectators, competitors, pit crews and families travelled from as far as Perth, Port Headland, Karratha and Tom Price to enjoy the last round of what has been a great season of racing.

As always with any type of sport there is always room for improvement and these drivers spent the day pushing the limits of themselves and their machines to get the best result.

Donny Davis, Billy Duncombe and Riley Watkins, KA4 Combined

Riley Grey had a near perfect round and claimed victory in Pro-Cadets while Lincoln Drew 1st and Donny Davis 2nd battled it out in a close contest in KA4 Combined.

Aiden Passmore, North West Lights and Sam Dicker TaG 125 Combined, both had a clean sweep in their classes.


KA3 round winners

It seemed to be a good day if your name was ‘Riley’ with two more having success. Riley Smith took 1st in North West Heavy and in the closest competition of the day Riley Watkins took his place on the top of the podium, where he was still shorter than his mates, by only four points.

Well done to everyone from the drivers to the officials for a great meet and series.

Riley Smith, NW Heavy


With the series concluding in Exmouth it was a last push for points for many to try to take home the ‘Black’ plates. Clean, skilful driving by all meant that it was going to go down to the wire to determine podium places. There were lots of lead changes, like a game of cat and mouse, which made for exciting viewing and drew spectators in.

TaG125 Combined was a battle between Chris Smith,1st, and Greg Campbell, 2nd, all year. In a reverse of the 1st and 2nd places getters in KA4 for the day, Donny Davis pipped Lincoln Drew at the post and grabbed the wanted plate. William Campbell gained a strong lead over Riley Grey and was able to hold him off to become the only other member of the Campbell family to have won a black plate.

Connor Grey, KA3 Junior

In the seasons most consistent field of drivers it was Tyler Smith who was able to hold off a late charge by Brandon Duncombe and Eli Tunstall to take the series win.

The Churchman family had a successful year with both Andrew, North West Heavy, and Riley, KA3 Junior, adding a black plate to their collection and Joanne making the podium in 3rd spot.

It has been a great year for all Northern Zone clubs and now it’s time to take a break, recharge the batteries and look forward to the 2020 series


Series winners, KA4
Lincoln Drew, KA4
Eli Tunstall, NWL