KZ World Champs – Saturday Update

It’s a tough gig for the three Aussies and three Kiwis in Italy for the KZ World Championship and KZ2 Super Cup. See there results & videos so far below.

There are still heat races to run before final grids can be determined. Sunday’s remaining heats and both Finals will be live-streamed tonight (AUS time). Watch it HERE.

KZ World Championship (47 entrants)

  • Troy Loeskow (Ricciardo/Vortex): Q38. Heats – 17, 12.

KZ2 Super Cup (121 entrants)

  • Henry Johnstone (Ricciardo/Vorex): Q90. Heats – 24, 30 (penalty), 28, DNS.
  • Zac Zamprogno (CRG/Modena): Q108. Heats – 27, 28, 14, NR, 23.
Problems for Zac Zamprogno in his fourth heat of KZ2. He’s hoping for a strong run in the last heat. (pic – Zamprogno/Facebook)

The Kiwis

  • Matthew Payne, KZ2 (Ricciardo/Vortex): Q23. Heats – 4, 7, 7, 7, 17.
  • Dylan Drysdale, KZ2 (BirelART/Vortex): Q37. Heats – 11, 10, 13, 11, 14.
  • Jacob Douglas, Academy Trophy (Exprit/Vortex): Q4 (of 46) Heats – 10, 3.
Marjin Kremers is having a strong run in KZ

FIA press (Saturday)

In Lonato, Saturday 21st September was dedicated to the Qualifying Heats. This essential phase of the karting Competition enables the selection of the 34 finalists in each category who will compete for the titles on Sunday afternoon. In sunny weather, the FIA ​​Karting World Championship – KZ, the FIA ​​Karting International Super Cup – KZ2, the third FIA Karting Academy Trophy Competition and the FIA ​​Karting Historic Super Cup put on a superb show for the many spectators around the South Garda Karting circuit.

25 starts were given on Saturday and the battles were very close on the 1200m of the Lonato circuit. In good weather, very mild for the season, the grip on the track was gradually increased by successive groups of karts causing the accumulation of rubber, which is quite common in the Italian climate. The competitors tested themselves with passion, although they were relatively careful. Everyone kept in mind the stakes of the races and tried to avoid adding to their score by making mistakes or not reaching the finish.

The Competition is far from over and many changes may still occur, but Drivers who have retired at least once have already decimated their chances of winning. Eight Qualifying Heats, two in KZ and Academy, and four in KZ2, are scheduled for Sunday morning before the names of the 34 finalists who will participate in the fight for the titles in the afternoon are revealed. For Sunday, the weather forecasts are unanimous in predicting rain showers, probably moderate but still able to complicate the progress of the races and cause upsets.


Kajus Siksnelis (LTU) and Christian Ho (SGP), respectively ranked 1st and 2nd in Qualifying, shared the victories, two each, in the four Qualifying Heats of the FIA ​​Karting Academy Trophy. Robert De Haan (NLD) took 2nd place each time and moved up to 3rd place, followed by Elliott Vayron (FRA), very consistently at the front. Maxwell Dodds (GBR) conceded a few points while David Zachary (PHL) took a slight advantage over Filip Jenic (SRB). Jacob Douglas (NZL) dropped out of the top 10 after a poor first heat, but was ahead of Paolo Ferrari (ITA). Also involved in the title fight, Joshua Coertze (ZAF) and even more so Oleksander Partyshev (UKR), were not in a very favourable situation.

Kajus Siksnelis was the fastest qualifier in Academy Trophy


The FIA ​​Karting World Championship – KZ kept its promises with regard to the intensity of the sporting clash. Marijn Kremers (NLD) made a name for himself by winning his two Qualifying Heats. Behind him, Matteo Vigano (ITA) had a victory to his credit, while the poleman Adrien Renaudin (FRA), also a winner of a Heat had a slight advantage against Simo Puhakka (FIN) and Alessandro Irlando (ITA). Riccardo Longhi (ITA) and Stan Pex (NLD) then followed with very good pace.


The poleman of the FIA ​​Karting International Super Cup – KZ2, Emilien Denner (FRA), managed a clear round in the Qualifying Heats as he has so far taken five victories in five races. David Vidales Ajenjo (ESP) made good progress with his three wins, while Danilo Albanese (ITA) joined a chasing pack along with Giacomo Pollini (ITA) and Emil Skaras (SWE). Michele Fontana (ITA) continued to score among the specialists of KZ2 along with Marco Tormen (ITA), Alessio Piccini (ITA) performing very well and Natalia Balbo (ITA) confirmed her particularly stylish sense of attack. Among the drivers who were severely delayed in one of their heats, Davids Trefilovs (DEU), Filippo Berto (ITA), Jean Nomblot (FRA) and Massimo Dante (ITA) had to let their illusions slip, but will continue to fight to get into the Final.



After having carefully prepared their superb machines under a large marquee at the entrance to the paddock, participants in the FIA ​​Karting Historical Super Cup took part in their first two demonstrations on the track. Under bright sunshine, karts illustrating the history of karting since its origins in 1956 until the late 80s attracted great interest from spectators of all ages gathered on the grandstand and around the circuit.

Competition Timetable

Sunday, 22nd September
08:00 – 09:55: Warm-up
10:00 – 10:20: Historic Kart Demonstration
10:25 – 13:00: Qualifying Heats
14.40 – 15.00: Historical Karts Demonstration
15.05 – 17.30: Finals

Friday (Qualifications) FIA press

One of the most anticipated events of the season has just started in Lonato (ITA) on the Lombard track of South Garda Karting. The programme is tantalising with the FIA ​​Karting World Championship – KZ, the FIA ​​Karting International Super Cup – KZ2, the third FIA Karting Academy Trophy Competition and the FIA ​​Karting Historic Super Cup. In the late afternoon, Friday, 20th September, the Qualifying Practices set the first benchmarks for a top level sporting challenge that promises to be as intense as it is spectacular. Adrien Renaudin (FRA) shone in KZ, Emilien Denner (FRA) in KZ2 and Kajus Siksnelis (LTU) was fastest in the Academy.

The weather was fine, with bright sunshine, and the sensation of warmth clearly exceeded the 20° displayed by the thermometer. In Italy 215 Drivers from all over the world in the three international categories had the opportunity to prepare during Free Practice, with some KZ and KZ2 Drivers taking to the asphalt of Lonato for long enough to give themselves every chance before the races.


While the third and final Competition of the FIA ​​Karting Academy Trophy promises to be very open with regard to the title, the Qualifying Practices were dominated by the duel between Christian Ho (SGP) and Kajus Siksnelis (LTU) in the second session, with Siksnelis taking pole position with a time of 50”133. 3rd place went to Maxwell Dodds (GBR), leader of the first session against Jacob Douglas (NZL) and Robert De Haan (NLD). Ranked 3rd in the second group, Paolo Ferrari (ITA) was 10th overall.


The 122 participants in the FIA ​​Karting International Super Cup – KZ2 were divided into four groups for their Qualifying Practice. The performances were relatively close in three of them, but the third saw a more marked deficit, although the track conditions hadn’t changed significantly. Emilien Denner (FRA) set a series of quick laps in the second session before posting a time of 46″185, which was not surpassed by his rivals. Session 1 leader Giacomo Pollini (ITA) took 2nd place 52 thousandths of a second behind, while reigning European Champion Emil Skaras (SWE) was 3rd. The fastest Driver of the fourth session, Senna Van Walstijn (NLD) was 4th ahead of David Vidales Ajenjo (ESP).


The Free Practice of the FIA ​​Karting World Championship – KZ had already revealed a tight sporting confrontation between the protagonists. Both groups of Qualifying Practice confirmed the intensity of the title fight. It was a young Driver competing in his first season among the karting professionals who achieved the masterful feat of taking pole position. Adrien Renaudin (FRA) set a time of 46”104 in the second session, allowing him to take pole position by 47 thousandths of a second ahead of Alessandro Irlando (ITA). 3rd place went to the leader of the first session, Marijn Kremers (NLD), while Simo Puhakka (FIN) and Mirko Torsellini (ITA) completed the top five.