National Champions Crowned at Phillip Island

The National Championships in Non-Gearbox classes and Stock Honda have been run and won in mixed conditions at Phillip Island this weekend.

Seventy-eight entries produced close racing and enthralling battles in all categories, making the National Festival of Superkarts the biggest and most successful to date.

(pic – Revved Photography)

Stock Honda – National Title
1 Jim Gorman
2 Shane Varley
3 Jeff Duckworth

125cc Junior Max – National Title
1 Hayley Thompson
2 Lucas Quartrocchi
3 James Strah

125cc Senior Max Light – National Title
1 Russ Occhipinti
2 Harry Giorgiou
3 Nicholas Schrmbri


125cc Max Heavy – National Title
1 Jarrod Sanfilippo
2 Ian Williams
3 Rod Clarke

125cc Open Gearbox
1 Jordan Ford
2 Nicholas Schembri
3 Geoff Lawrence

250cc International
1 Anton Stevens
2 Tim Clarke
3 Jamie Macdonald

250cc National
1 Raff Pironti
2 Peter Kay

Race report to follow.